1 Year Male Pattern Baldness Reversal: How I Did It

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I was balding, I had the typical horseshoe loser pattern. I reversed my male pattern baldness naturally with diet, herbs and natural shampoos. How to cure male pattern baldness and regrow your hair fast. You can get 10% off the shampoo by visiting the regrowz website https://www.regrowz.com/ and using the following code 10CAREGROWZ19 And this is my hair loss playlist with lots more helpful information on how to regrow your hair naturally https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgeR2aZ27smTDFLDT3dC_lq532FI5YDIS

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41 Responses

  1. Vegetable Police says:

    You can get 10% off the shampoo by visiting the regrowz website https://www.regrowz.com/ and using the following code 10CAREGROWZ19 And this is my hair loss playlist with lots more helpful information on how to regrow your hair naturally for men and women https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgeR2aZ27smTDFLDT3dC_lq532FI5YDIS

  2. Abacus The Great says:

    How u reverse it?

  3. Frankie G says:

    Looks like some photoshop action

  4. Martyn Blackburn says:

    If it is genetic no amount of shampoos or herbs is going to get your hair follicles producing anything.

  5. big ed says:

    I'm fat and a sugar addict can you ……….help

  6. Speediey Fire says:

    Movie roles I mean..

  7. Speediey Fire says:

    Too cool! I like that.. Not the baldness.. Auditioned for anything yet?..

  8. Speediey Fire says:

    You're an actor too?.. Pretty good..

  9. supercal333 says:

    The reason your hair grew back when you upped your fruit intake and lowered fat is because hair follicles can only grow hair using either glucose, fructose or pyruvate as fuel. note a lot of people have reported hair loss on a keto diet. See this video for all of the scientific facts on hair loss and what you can do to prevent/reverse it… https://youtu.be/taMu2UOYQmY?t=1137

  10. Anton H says:

    You are a nice guy but you don't seem to know anything about hairloss…

  11. Anton H says:

    You were probably deficient in vitamines before….

  12. LostSoul AT says:

    Hairline is still fucked up. Sorry.

  13. The Truth says:

    Male pattern baldness Hair loss is not about blood flow its about your follicles being sensitive to DHT and the growth cycle begins to shorten as it affects the follicle. It has little to do with bloodflow. If it really did help you, i dont think you had male pattern baldness you probably had a nutritional issue which is the case for a handful of people.

  14. 1234 says:

    A.) hair looks thinner when it's that short

    B.) Your hairstyle looks like it's just going over that thin spot in the front, you are literally just moving hair from thicker parts over the thinner front spot, this is why there are no roots at the front of your head.

    C.)Spiking it up also helps to mask the effects.

    Basically I would like to see how you look in like 5-10 years. Lets see how long this really lasts, because to me it looks like you are at the beginning or you shaved your head. Right now you can still kind of cover it up, but in 10 years things might not be so. Also shaving your head makes shit more obvious VS. spiked up and manicured to hide imperfections. In 10 years though it will probably be really hard to cover up the thinning.

    Idk, I've seen it too often. The reason why you shave your hair short when balding is because covering it up becomes obvious and pitiful looking, shaving the hair is showing acceptance that is why people recommend shaving the hair short when balding.

    Not trying to be the debbie downer just saying. Balding has been SO prevalent in every culture, race, and through out all time. If there was a cure for balding it would be common knowledge by now, simply because so many men have sought out a cure. Yet here we are in 2019 there have been billions of men that have lived, gone bald, and died and a cure is still just rumors, hear say, and myth.

    I guess it doesn't hurt to try these products (maybe just your wallet), and it probably wont hurt to drink your own piss, and slather piss over your body, but I really think this is 90% bullshit, and 10% ok.

  15. Jeff Sol says:

    Only consider shampoos with the ingredient "Ketocozonole". There were two studies that backed this up. Nizoral has this ingredient but it's harsh because it doesn't include other ingredients to tamper it down.

  16. daisy corta says:

    U look like a bitch with ur hair, looked better shaved

  17. the1tigglet says:

    This is one weird dude LOL

  18. the1tigglet says:

    Just watched a video on collagen There are tons of sources for collagen I'm personally going to get some to add to my carnivore diet I'm starting. I suffer from fibromyalgia, one of 3% of men who get it. I think it might be greens and green veggies related so I'm going to stop eating all greens and grains and begin an all meat diet to see if that improves my body, I'm including bone broth infused with collagen to see if that improves my pain, because one of the side effects is excruciating body pain several types including arthritis type pain in joints, bone pain, back pain, and pain in 18 joints (which are tested to see if you have fibro). The last time I got sick was when I was a vegetarian, eating salads all the time for 2 out of my three meals, and avoiding eating much meat. I ended up with Idiopathic Eosiniphilic Pneumonia! Vegetarian diet doesn't fit with my body apparently.

  19. Aguafria says:

    I was losing hair because of Wheat (anything with Gluten), I noticed it because my head was always extremely itchy and it would fall out when i scratched it… I started a food diary at one point and after awhile I noticed it was caused by gluten, I stopped eating gluten and my head stopped itching.

  20. Carl Lewenski says:

    Pretty sure that if it were possible to reverse balding, it would be a multi-billion dollar industry monopolized by big corporations, and not some super secret Indian lotion offered at 10% off, featured only on YouTube. This dude is just scamming. I mean, check out his description. He has 24 links to affiliate websites. 24!! He even has a paypal 'donate' link, as if he were little Timmy who needs a new pair of crutches.

    Why don't you quit spreading misinformation in the hopes of making $0.25 for every $100's in sales, and get a real job where you can actually contribute something to society?

  21. M A says:

    If the men in your family all are bald, yiu can eat unicorn shit and still no growth of hair!

  22. Corey Sleap says:

    My like was for the head shaving bit

  23. JOEGGGJOE says:

    Your a funny guy. What do you think about onion juice? I have seen a lot of that too.

  24. François Dépotoir says:

    Man, this isn't male pattern baldness. There is no visible recession of the hairline. On the notorious Norwood scale, you're a 1. Check it out yourself. You just seem to have fine and straight hair. Worst type of hair, I know the hassle. Plus, your hair is black and you're white; the contrast is a bitch. And of course under direct light you'll look somewhat bald if buzz-cutted, even more so when your hair is greasy. At worst, you may have suffered from slight diffuse thinning last november, but nothing uncommon at this time of year. For all those reasons, I do believe this is false advertising.

  25. BAD AXE says:

    My friend I really need your advice . My hair is thinning out , so if I cut it very short then can I help stop it to some extent ?

  26. Mike Ches says:

    You are sick

  27. Mike Ches says:


  28. aaron ginkens says:

    lol, love your vids, not subscribing yet +D

  29. Vinnie Durrant says:

    I'm a smoker and I don't want to be, I want to try that book but I don't see the point if i'm still a smoker, i've quit like 4 times in my life but can't seem to kick it for good. My depression is linked to my smoking i'm sure and I'm 32 and I feel like I will be dead in 10 years if I don't quit smoking, I drink way too much caffeine because it masks the taste of tobacco, my insides must look like shit. Pray for me plz.

  30. RensSpace says:

    A persons stomach is the reason for your sickness and also the way to your healing. Everything is through the stomach.

  31. Alexandru Bogdan says:

    He`s lying. It`s in his voice.

  32. Rev. CowarD says:

    ur funny when u talk bro. lol i got more interested the way u talk and ur facial reaction even if i have hair baldness.

  33. PaweƂ Ć»abicki says:

    So, did someone buy it and it works?

  34. Big Fella says:

    Hair taken care of, now its time to hit the gym ya noodle armed twig.

  35. audrey.9640 says:

    How much is this shampoo in American $

  36. H Lualemaga says:

    This dude is hilarious but real talk though

  37. Indrayan Chatterjee says:

    4:12 lmaooo

  38. Luke Andrews says:

    Yeah I have a machine to help my blood defy gravity and get it to my head. It’s called my heart.

  39. Michael Robinson says:

    I don't know whether to laugh at this guy or take him seriously.

  40. christian bereket says:

    pigeon poo…lol

  41. Douglas Furman says:

    Show your hair thought you don't really give the best proofs…like at all. Show us in the camera your head with lighting in different angles. Liked your video otherwise tho

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