10 Examples of the Dairy Industry Operating Like the Mafia

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When we picture the world of corporate corruption we always imagine men in impeccably well tailored suits who work for a huge, faceless oil or drug company, or something along those lines. We never think of the various companies that make up the dairy industry as being shady — they work with cows and make ice cream, how evil can they be? Well, we’re about to show you.

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10. They Lobbied to Give Dairy A Bigger Section Of the Food Pyramid
9. They Fought to Make Margarine Pink
8. They Bribed Nixon to Raise Milk Prices
7. They Fixed the Price of Milk, Because Why Not?
6. More Cheese On Pizzas
5. Lying About Health Benefits
4. Hiring Illegal Immigrants To Ruin Rivals
3. The Milk Racket
2. Scaring People Into Drinking Milk
1. The Organic Industry Is So Corrupt That Actual Organic Companies Hate It

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Nucoa Margarine


[Futurama] Cabeza de Richard Nixon


Terrified and Terrifying


How I buy milk -- fill the cart! Ten gallons of whole raw milk from @organicpasturesdairy I freeze it in the chest freezer - we go through a gallon every other day. #rawmilk #rawfood #primal #westonprice #nourish #probiotic #grassfed


Domino's Pizza
Domino's pizza


domino's pizza / super delux & lazagna pizza

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18 Responses

  1. METALMAN says:

    Simon is gonna be sleepin with the cows if he keeps running his mouth

  2. Henry Jones says:

    All dislikes are from dairy industry pawns and big farma employes.

  3. 108johnny says:

    I voted for Davis' recall. Not dairy influenced, he let state senate pass an irresponsible budget, then told me I was going to pay for it when he tripled my car tax. He also tried to give illegal aliens driver's licenses! (The common form of ID for stuff like voting!). Arnold made a really short speech- no licenses, and no tripled car tax; If you paid, you get it back.

  4. Barth Slung says:

    Hahahaha I had a Dominos ad immediately after that bit on Dominos!!

    I'm alright with that because I LOVE Dominos

  5. icatz says:

    Simon, how about a top 10 on the diamond cartel? Diamonds aren't that rare or valuable, but the cartel fixes the prices and holds some back to artificially inflate prices. Then there's those stupid Diamonds Are Forever adverts. It's a royal scam, to quote Steely Dan.

  6. Data Banks says:

    So, that explains why Dominos pizzas started reacting like I'd drunk a milkshake (lactose intolerant). 2 slices of pizza and I can kiss the next 24 hours goodbye while stuck on the toilet. Happened twice and haven't ordered from them since

  7. sandy roberts-anderson says:

    As a child I lived in Australia for several years. While my Nana and mum only used butter, we often visited friends who used margarine with they called olio. The stuff looked awful and was, as far as I was concerned, tasted dreadful.

  8. Lisa Rakic says:

    The dairy industry isn't the only food industry guilty of these kinds of stunts. Cheese isn't necessarily bad for you, though. The idea that saturated fats lead to heart disease is a hypothesis that hasn't been proven. Diabetes, brought on by eating too much sugar and refined carbs over a long period of time is definitely a risk for heart disease.

  9. Electro-Cute says:

    Go vegan! ;D!

  10. H VonWolfenstein says:

    I drank a glass of milk while I watched this episode.

  11. Diane Benzler says:

    I don't do dairy, I have IBS and its pointless to consume this stuff!

  12. jeabo0adhd says:

    Owned by Dean Foods:

    Alta Dairy, Barber's, Berkely Farms, Broughton, Brown's Dairy, Country Fresh, Creamland, DairyPure, Dean's, Freindly's, Fruit Rush, Gandy's, Grelick Farms, Hygeia, Land O Lakes, Lehigh Valley, Mayfeild Creamery, Mayfeild, McArthur Dairy, Meadow Brook, Meadow Gold, Model Dairy, Oak Farms Dairy, Orchard Pure, PET, Price's, Purity, Ready Leaf, Reiter Dairy, Swiss, T.G. Lee, TruMoo, Tuscan, Uncle Matt's

  13. Alex Borisoff says:

    As a Wisconsinite I don't appreciate you trash talking my cheese.

  14. Ben Toth says:

    I feel like there's probably another of these videos that could be made, but with the beef industry.

  15. Sethor Tiger says:

    Did you forget how the dairy industry coerced the USDA to force anyone selling soy milk or any other non-animal based milk product to no longer sell their drink as milk?

  16. Nmethyltransferase says:

    I'd like to thank all the vegans (and dairy-avoiders) for helping to lower the price for me.

  17. Forensource says:

    The margarine coloring part is true. Farmers were crazy about it.

  18. Michelle Marcantonatos says:

    Luckily, saturated fat is absolutely great for you!

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