100% Electric and Australian Made: Fonzarelli Scooters

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The Fonzarelli Electric Scooter Range is designed and manufactured in Australia in the inner city Sydney suburb of Redfern. In this video, we discuss the X1, Fonzarelli’s latest release, with Michelle Nazzari, founder and managing director of Fonzarelli scooters.

Fonzarelli Scooters: http://www.fonzarelli.co/

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4 Responses

  1. Sean Wright says:

    Great to see local innovation and manufacturing. And even better, a female engineer/CEO! Good work Michelle, hope you sell lots of scooters!

  2. Urs Odermatt says:

    a bit pricey

  3. Mitchell Barnow says:

    What amazing electric scooters! Incredible that they are mostly made right there in her shop.

  4. Gary Tucker says:

    I am a motorcycle instructor from England,do you do a test and keep model!!

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