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Check out my latest upload: “GOOD THING I HAD A JEEP!”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USBudS8Ihbg –~–
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19 Responses

  1. Amy Tallant says:

    oh wow !

  2. mobiltec says:

    Dang I think that's the first hot springs I've seen where people wear swim suits… Most of the ones in CA everyone is naked and a lot of times it's not a good thing to have to look at. Some people really need to wear a lot of clothes in public.

  3. Mia Sack says:

    Oh my god. At 2:0 thats where the scene where the fat kid is being bullied in the movie IT

  4. nathan koroush says:

    Monroe oregon, this is where I live, you were on Dawson road when you were eating breakfast, it looked like.

  5. Sadie says:

    The beginning of the banana pancakes!

  6. Andrew Ostergaard says:

    where is that hot spring I'm in wa and it looks nice

  7. Ricardo Gonzalez123 says:

    Follow Me On YouTube Its Really Good

  8. Dawn-Rene Martin says:

    I want to go there! Good one!

  9. chance herring says:

    Jake I want to be your best friend!!!

  10. Montana White says:

    is the lady at 730 a lady, and if so is she topless?

  11. McCracken 97 says:

    what year is your jeep

  12. Dillon Pratt says:

    is your only source of income the reserves and youtube?

  13. Tyler Stephenson says:

    hahahaha cooking that on the daily looked so gross haha

  14. Danielle De Angelis says:

    i really enjoy how you travel by yourself. very inspiring. Would you ever consider going to bigger cities such as New York, Chicago or even Toronto (where im from)? seems ive been bitten by the travel bug and im dying to travel. Maybe when i finish photography college next year. Oregon/seattle is definitely on my list

  15. Allison MacKay-Bell says:

    3:09 camera angle is saweet

  16. Allison MacKay-Bell says:

    The first minute of the morning was awesome!

  17. Jordan King says:

    Is your CJ7 a V8? And does it have YJ gauges?

  18. Cumshampoo says:

    how do you upload and edit these videos? do you go to like mcdonalds or starbucks to get free wifi lmao? and stay for hours til you upload the video???

  19. Panda Monium says:

    Awesomeness….. Sometimes the best places are unexpected. Great vlog thanks for sharing.

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