2019 Outdoor Grow – Organic Nutrients And Why There Awesome For Growing Weed

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Outdoor organic growing

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  1. Edward Jones says:

    Only the best here,thats a smorgasborge for plants,All i use is Down to Earth products all the Meals like alfalfa,bone,crab,fish,ect ,Wiggle worm worm castings, Sunleaves Jamaican guano, combined with all of RAW products,RAW all in one ,RAW bloom, Canna terra coco, Bu's Malibu Biodynamic soil,Bu's Malibu compost..Thank you for sharing..Happy Growing..

  2. Alexzander Meza says:

    Seed sprout-A-tees ?

  3. Lonnie Tucker says:

    How much do you add to each gallon for the Organic compost tea ?

  4. Randy Phillips says:

    I was going to watch the Tangie review again but it's GONE. Yea I got amendments happening over here in Central Cal, got a huge bag of Azomite, some crushed volcanic shit is suppose to be the bomb for soil. I also use Bone and Blood meal and worm castings and bat guano, no chemicals here. Let's grow.

  5. shaylab says:

    Have you ever used plant therapy for pests on your plants?

  6. Blind cat 420 says:

    You may have already heard about it but Dyna trap attracts white moths, haven’t had an issue in four years using that machine. Much respect to u brother

  7. John Vargas says:

    Can I visit you bro . And learn from you and stay some time to help and job?

  8. Kenneth Wilbur says:

    Just finished this video. I really liked it and it has some valuable information. I have an incredible enzyme product called EZP 73 from AMAZZING PRODUCTS… check out the website http://www.amazzingproducts.com. This product will replace all of your seed starting teas, as this product contains all of the enzymes, and macronutrional benefits your seeds need. It is also stellar for veg and flowering. We are moving into Cali soon and would like to get you FREE samples if you are interested. Contact me if you are interested, i am on facebook under the name KENNETH WILBUR from Spokane Washington.

  9. High2Tower landrace says:

    Iron Maiden. .
    Hell Yeah..
    To the
    HILL'S. ..
    You got plants vegging indoors? ?

  10. Lucky Situmeang says:

    oh yea, I been using alpha alpha meal during veg mix to my compose tea and boom… the plant did grow a lot faster.

  11. Bill The Baker says:

    First, awesome sweatshirt. Maybe you could detail what it is you do with the barley, corn etc. to make the tea… Nice video dude.

  12. Jimmy Joan says:

    Hay brother bud builder yupper i never change mine either heres some food for thinking mung beans 2 plants per pot puts nitrogen in yur soil more than clover and when you harvest you could also harvest enough beans for next years garden thats a win win

  13. Rick van Steensel says:

    yeah boy , only hear good shit about the Shark .
    im from europe , so cant get that shit over here i think ,
    but my local breeder has his own concoction of bacto and mycorhizas , and it works AWESOMEE

  14. Cody says:

    Great info!

  15. keep em green aka jgood says:

    Great info. Thanks!!

  16. Tee Mack says:

    Good info. Thanks

  17. Huey H says:

    Did you know to grow corn is harder than it is to grow weed and you know good at grown Gardens only going to get a foot-and-a-half tall we'd all you got to do is put it in the ground I tested this this year I put 16 of them in the ground and didn't do nothing to thim I water them didn't put no Michael Rising no diatomaceous earth no composting no tomato starting blend 08 this this came out of the ground and I got 16 plants that came out I didn't get like you like you saying like me or 2 lb or even a pound per plant they were never mistreated look after looked at but not treated good like the 47 in the main Garden my 47 the main Garden yeah I didn't touch them but I sure in hell watch them and water them and took after their soil every day until Harvest and how you know Harvest is when you don't tie up your plants are doing so good when you have a plant doing so good and it's like how close are you to harvest how you can tell the plant itself from the buds up above will start rolling what's your buds start to roll and want to roll right or left start cutting off the first 18 in of all the tops and then let it go for another 2 weeks then you come back and take your second cut you do another 7in down and then leave the plant until God October 30th and then you can yank it out after that or you can go till November 10th and all those little popcorn buds in a little fuzzy things the end of that you pull that at your third pool and you're going to end up with the popcorn buds that are so much better than anybody else's popcorn buds cuz not the whole plant is right at the same time it's kind of weird usually it's three different pics in the year not one pic you take one pic you're going to come up with three different flavors in that whole plant is it's the same flavor but it's it's a hundred percent 50% and 30% so your popcorn buds let thim go after you do your second cut let your popcorn buds are really bought on the bottom cuz I don't cut my shitt I don't touch nothing so yeah my clean up to 2 to leave Clean Up is pretty heavy but no you don't touch it and everything within the plant itself will keep itself from letting any bugs away the diatomaceous earth kills and they're trying to get in your soil but if you haven't already in your soil you're screwed so God bless you rock on drinkwater buddy drink a lot of water I don't drink alcohol I smoke and drink a lot of water

  18. Huey H says:

    Diatomaceous earth I think it's the same thing I do a Sprinkle diatomaceous earth twice in a season with Dyke tenacious Earth is it's like razor blades so if you have diatomaceous earth and you put a quarter cup in a 15 around the plant sprinkler what happens when little bugs that are in your soil that are not good they get cut by stepping on the diatomaceous earth it's a little razor blades are diamonds and when they're little teeny bodies touch it it cuts them and then they get like a little canker sore and blisters and they die but don't forget if you use too much diatomaceous earth you will now kill your good bugs then your plants with stress then you can't figure out where why are they turning yellow why why is it turning kind of like a yellowish-green not a dark green you want your plants to stay dark green all year long if this turns Sunny yellow is light green something ain't right in the soil so do not use too much diatomaceous earth I think it's the same thing you're talking about there rock on I heard you say that that made me feel good because that's all I say all the time rock on drinkwater you know if you're my friend rock on is good if you're not my friend that's a rock on drinkwater I'm like saying hey fuck you fuck you but do you know I'm saying rock on rock on excellent buddy next video teaches but man this watch was watching getting Stones now I'm sitting here getting Stone / medicated by myself not laughing at what you say and this is Houston out Sonoma rules

  19. Spencer Rugg says:

    You didnt explain anything, even the basic stuff, you just kept telling us to "research it for ourselves".

  20. Huey H says:

    Weird I'm waiting for you to pull out the pipe and dab and the Doobie and pull out some talk shit and I get stone with you I guess you're getting too too politically right so lock on have a good day I'm going to sit by myself today and smoke out and actually what you want to do all of the chemicals that you're putting all together all the this this this this this and put it all together and all that it doesn't take none of that all you got to do is take your composting anything that your recycling from let's say June of last year to I'd say she about a week to two weeks from now then you take all your compost material which I have chicken I put my chicken shit in the compost I have bread Supply that that I go and trade my eggs for bread and it's stale bread of course so it's for my chickens not for me I feed the chickens 10% of the bread and 90% of the bread for the week goes into my composting and I have a 127 eggs cuz I got too many eggs so I got eggs raw eggs fresh raw eggs thrown into the compost you got the calcium the raw eggs you got all the nutrients from the bread and you talkin all different kinds of bread and what do you think of I got get it and I'd say within the next week I start emptying out my my composting I got three of them and I got a hundred buckets 15s they are side by side in the ground in Rows 4 feet from each other but in the road they are side-by-side they're touching each bucket is touching each other so everybody's going to grow their shit different I don't spend 99% of my time dealing with the plants I spend 99% of my time watching them grow watering them don't touch them don't prune them keep your freaking hands off the leaves topping them and make them split they always they always say all men lie plants doing so good no it doesn't what you're doing is your plant has to grow it as it grows and grows from the top and it also grows from the bottom I have the stuff called root blast that before you do your Michael reisin you do the root blast first did I start my plants in the same soil I don't start it in a 1-gallon and let it go for two months and then planted no no no cuz you're you're stunting The Roots what you want to do is go Verizon and then root blast mixed into the soil then you put your seed in there let the sea take off window Michael reisin starts attaching itself to the roots the Michael reisin cleans and eats the minerals off of the route and when that happens the root gets cleaned and is able to take in the minerals that the microwaves and shitting out and that helps everything else so and then not shade two weeks after that I start dumping in on my compost on the top let it sit I'm going to do it probably man February 10th I'm going to put my seeds in and to take off Let It Go you're prepping soil is all it takes you don't need to do Miracle-Gro and all that crap you want to put on you don't but all the other people use I use Miracle-Gro one year and I got so sick so sick from smoking the weed and made the weeds have this aftertaste is like like you're you're smoking like an oil in your mouth that's what it taste like so let's get back to being direct the being Stone to I mean you can do both can't you I could let's get back to smoking out at the same time as your teaching us us all of us your family God bless you Huey Sonoma County rules best place to grow pot is Sonoma

  21. Huey H says:

    The bugs eat the food and then the bugs shit and when they shit the other bugs eat their shit in the plant eats the bug shit that's all it's all a bunch of shit just going in Abyss big circle so I don't know how you can explain that but everything is eating shit the bugs are all eating shit in the plants turn around and it's bug shit I guess you had people complaining about you kicking back smoking out it's not working that way for me okay you have a good day then Rock on did you know my dad's name is Gary

  22. Thomas Vogt says:

    No one gives us info like you that was the best information video ever. Savin this one. Thanks Kali we still smoking our purple kush. PIECE. !

  23. Escobar Knowsaki says:

    great video as always thanks for the brilliant advice

  24. mike jones says:

    do you have to ph balance your compost tea?

  25. new mexico says:

    What up kali i dont know if you've ever herd of it but its a product called GRO-KASHI check it out its some cool stuff I've used a product similar called bokashi its a composting microbes if you do have time check it out let me no what you think of the gro kashi im going to incorporate in my grow this year Alan Adkisson is the one with the gro kashi product

  26. Dirty Boys Cultivation says:

    Thank you homie!

  27. Hmoob 420 says:

    What strains are you growing in 2019?

  28. Grow Life says:

    Thanks for the info

  29. Thomas Cronk says:

    Good info bro

  30. Dru Dru says:

    When you're growing outdoor I don't understand Because you'll get paid pretty much once a year so do you make all the money you made last crop last the next year and does it last ?

  31. Hillbilly hydro Grower says:

    Thanks for sharing brother

  32. Jay b says:

    Great video you answered so many questions for me cheers

  33. Jason Begay says:

    Right on bud

  34. JJ Johnson says:

    Great information, thanks for sharing.

  35. Pluto says:

    ohh alright next time ima just put all the ingredients in the beginning thanks for the info mang!

  36. Growing Fire says:

    I do appreciate you bro

  37. Kenwaldek says:

    Great info, sourcing it in belgium is an other ball game, but Will look into it. Thanks for sharing kali

  38. Duke says:

    Dude I fucking love this, I am totally taking notes over here. Thanks for such informational contact.

  39. Skip Grows says:

    Thanks for the tip on the compost tea to boost fresh soil life. I am wondering if there is any benefit to starting teas say a month before i actually plant.

  40. weed warrior says:

    thanks for the knowledge drop bro! awesome video!

  41. Marcus King tree says:

    Very good information bro I'm putting in my notes

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