40 Days and Nights Disaster Movie | Hollywood Movie | Natural Disaster| End Of The World-Upload 2017

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40 Days and Nights is a disaster film when sea levels on Earth begin to rise ominously due to a colossal tectonic shift, a microbiologist teams up with the US military to conserve life on the planet.

Directed by : Peter Geiger

Produced by :
David Michael Latt
David Rimawi
Paul Bales

Written by : H. Perry Horton

Monica Keena as Tessa
Alex Carter as John
Christianna Carmine as Lynn
Emily Sandifer as Maddie
Mitch Lerner as Freeman

Music by Chris Ridenhour

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17 Responses

  1. Sveta Kobrya says:

    This movie is terrible. The world is dieing, a crew"s member girlfriend. and some people with her got to safety through many obstacles and those insane military men don't let them in. In addition to this act against humanity, a crazy general throws out poor boyfriend of that girl to die.. The scenario is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. Liên Lê says:

    i always read comments before watch.

  3. annaravani1 says:

    Get me some shower piping, duck tape and +4 batteries.That,s it, ready to launch…………..

  4. Ruby Morgan says:

    Dont usually care for disaster movies but ok movie

  5. Suhaib Raazi says:

    Who is watching in 2018???

  6. Housain Aledlbi says:

    اكو عرب بتعليقات

  7. Dorid Mbogho says:

    Nice movie fake actors

  8. Andy Panda says:

    Sorry, too, too, much. Can't watch anymore

  9. Andy Panda says:

    Another bit of idiocy in the movie. "We're flying up here without radar….. so, I'm going ta take us lower" says the pilot. Any bets on other bits of massive silliness . . . . . Why cudn't they hv cast this as a spoof, instead. Betcha "Fluffy" wud be hilarious in this.

  10. Andy Panda says:

    Well! That is a desert, Sahara, it ain't. Should have spent a leetle more on writers. Oh well, it's free.

  11. Gary Raymo says:

    You all crack me up, gotta read the comments to see if it's any good ,what the hell you can't just watch a movie ,

  12. Heather Tara Moutray says:

    “It rain for 40 days and for 40 nights”

  13. Su San says:

    One of the lady with thick make-up…lady military on duty with thick make-up, i didn’t continue watching their acting soooo CRAPPPPP. WASTE OF TIME.

  14. Lamony Barksdale says:

    they won't be in deep rising 2 lol..oh ain't the blacks supposed to die in the beginning…I'm confused..no Grammy for that,but they can get a 4th place ribbon

  15. Stosh Y says:

    So if you are reading comments keep reading. This about the worst movie ever. The acting is well is well hoooee, that smells. Just awful.

  16. Sam Aro says:

    That scientist with a horrible Botox job was too distracting for me

  17. Bernd Lottes says:

    MÜLL SCHROTT WERTLOS !!!!, Cruis-Ship Surfing on big wave, muuhaha

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