5 Easy Remedies to Cure Fever, Cold & Cough | Subah Jain

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5 easy remedies to cure fever, cold and cough – Nature Cures You #3

Want to get rid of a cold, cough, fever, headache or nausea without medicine? Follow the five simple home remedies in this video.

Society conditions us to think that these illnesses are something bad, something unpleasant, but according to Naturopathy and Ayurveda, it’s quite the opposite. Colds, fevers, vomiting, diarrhoea – these illnesses come to detoxify and clean our body. They are Mother Nature’s attempt to get rid of the waste, the toxins accumulating in our body over the past few months. For example, cold is toxins releasing through the nose. Fever is toxins releasing through your sweat. Vomiting is toxins releasing through your mouth. Instead of suppressing them inside by medicine, we should let them run their course. However, we can fasten up the detoxification process through fasting, enema, wet pack, sunbathing and pranayama.

These easy home remedies will help you get rid of cold, cough, fever, headache and other acute illnesses fast and naturally, without any medicines!


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About Subah Jain:
Subah Jain discovered the healing powers of Nature after curing her major health issues by dramatically changing her diet. Now, she lives to inspire a healthy disease-free life in India. She posts new videos every week that include education, recipes, motivation, and inspiration on how to be the best version of yourself.

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42 Responses

  1. Theja M says:

    Leave behind all the facts.. Ur way of explaining n the examples make me believe everything..

  2. hafiz rahman says:

    Hello I am suffering from UC could I use enema ?

  3. Dev says:

    Please make video on allergic rehenitis

  4. Krishnachandran R says:

    Hi, Is it true that Oil pulling is good to detox?

  5. zainab khursheed says:

    these illness are blessing…i read this from teachings of islam when i read that fever is a blessing dont curse it…and now research also says the same…

  6. abduljabbar Abdullah says:

    Wonderful. I never subscribed any video but you. Information purely nice & commenable.

  7. Pinu Salina says:

    I need to get rid from asthma for forever. I have asthma since i was 2 months old . Now I m 15+.

  8. Kavitha P says:

    Hi ,u said about cloth for cold pack. Where can I get it..

  9. Nilu Marapana says:

    Very beautifully explained. Very logical .

  10. Rubina Panwar says:


  11. Positive Thinker says:


  12. HSNYC says:

    Wow… I love you. Thank you!

  13. Shivakumar M says:

    Can we consume directly d vegetables instead of jice

  14. Krisna quantum leap projects says:

    I used to go for a jog when I have cold or fever excessive sweat would make me feel better. Is this a right thing to do?

  15. Harapriya Montry says:

    my son of 3yr old is having cold and cough regularly..what should I do to get rid of it

  16. krishu sharma says:

    Di, but all say that sunscreen is important nowdqys so what should we do????

  17. Miss valantina says:

    sunscreen part was confusing , everyone says that so much sun can hurt our face skin , i personnaly had that , soooo ??

  18. All ah says:

    I love this,way of explaining

  19. Ramesh Jattu says:

    Could it be helpful for low blood pressure and how?

  20. vicheanon khieu says:

    Very inspiring messages. Thanks

  21. K says:

    so lovely face & smile

  22. Sohan says:

    thanks mam

  23. Sunil Chaudhari says:

    I am facing cold and dripping nose and watery eyes, sneezing very frequently. I have tried Yoga, Ayurveda, Medicine, Homeopathy but nothing is working. The cold stays for 2-3 days and It gives me so much pain. What should I do ? And when I try to fast I face acidity and heartburn due to empty stomach. I am 37 and my weight is 68 KG. which is not an issue. Please help me.

  24. Rajiv Tiwari says:


  25. Varisha Dar says:

    I have cough and acidity all the time,like throughout the year. And I don't understand what to eat and what not to eat. What type of foods could I avoid to cure the problem of cough and acidity? Please suggest..

  26. ramesh royal says:

    You are doing great…thank you very much

  27. vedaansh aggarwal says:

    Dealing with low energy, acne, depression and insomnia.
    Pls suggest a diet plan

  28. Yama Boss says:

    No sunscreen? …

  29. Akash Jemse says:

    Easy to understand coz the way you explain it's amazing !

  30. Munaf Dabir says:

    good to listen you ,very pleasant to hear naturopathy treatment which is fasting ,anemia,sunbathing ,pranayam etc,if you recommend any book on naturopathy then please give name of the book.i feel its interesting to know this topic.
    Thanks a lot.Allah bless you.

  31. Prakruthi Sudanandappa says:

    please make a video on how to tackle urine infection

  32. Shree Deb Sharma says:

    What about the Gastric juices when we fast ? I mean , arent there chances of getting gastric ulcers

  33. Manish Gupta says:

    Thanks for your priceless wisdom. We are so lucky to have those lessons at such young age. I'm sure with those advises, we would enjoy healthy and disease free life.

  34. ciki mow says:

    Mind blown

  35. Sweta Pragya says:

    How to treat tonsils below ear and earache

  36. Nivedita Singh says:

    Hello, I really liked your concept of a healthy living, with intermittent fasting, detoxifying, consuming living foods and avoiding medicines but could you solve my two doubts, like you said that one meal should be of fruits, one of veggies/veg soup and one of grain which you mentioned to be -one veg roti with sabzi, so you advised us to avoid pulses or legumes with cereals,
    But as most of us know that cereals, pulses and legumes are deficient in few essential amino acids and only their combination can provide all, because of which Dal is always clubbed with rice/roti..
    Moreover with your diet plan, do you ensure that the RDA of protein we need is met?
    Please clear my doubt as I wish to start all you mentioned..

  37. vetrivel murukan says:

    all copied from the western youtbe content .. another money making scam!!!

  38. Ibrahim Abdullahi says:

    Gud job sis…..kpt it up

  39. Rajeshwari Vyas says:

    Hello Subah, u m having LUPUS. So is this useful for this. And pls make vedio for that also . Diet plan. That will really helpful for me

  40. Mayar f says:

    Please make a video about vitamins and supplements

  41. kanisha patel says:

    So logical video.. thanks much, life changing informations!!!


    Too good natural solutions, thank you

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