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Hey guys so today I shall be talking about 5 winter beauty tips you never thought of!

1. #KeepTheMoistureIn
2. #EndWinterOdour
3. #TowelDryIt
4. #HylaluronicAcidIt
5. #ByeByeSplitEnds

* Disclaimer: The video is in paid association.
The hacks shared are my own ideas.
Product placement is a collaboration with Nivea, and I have used this product personally for over a month (if not more). The review is totally in my own words, basis my own experience. Anybody who has ever used a Nivea product, would know that this is a very good brand. Clearly, I am MORE THAN happy to recommend them to you all. (like I have, for multiple times in the past, even when it was not in association with the brand, but simple because I was using it).
Hope this clarifies any possible doubts. Just trying to keep things transparent with my viewers.

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18 Responses

  1. Sanidhya Saraf says:

    Pls make video on your new haircut please

  2. Sarmistha Roy says:

    Which mostirizer is best for combination skin???

  3. Sonia Saha says:

    Which brand of hyaluronic acid serum is available as an affordable option?

  4. Shravani Sonia says:

    I feel like u lost ur volume of ur hair…bt u look super cute

  5. Priyanshi Mittal says:

    Di a request pls tell which is the best intimate was for teenage girls 14-18 pls consider its important for us

  6. Ruchi kumari says:

    hiii diii can you please do a review on mixify unloc face serum for glowing skin and natural vibes face serum…. please please

  7. Pihu Kashyap says:

    you are the one who is soo real. ..I watch your video's just to listen you ……lv u sooo much ….dii….god bless u you r beautiful

  8. bala 86 says:

    loved your haircut prachi

  9. Ishita Biswas says:

    Dont use this kind of chemical underarm roll on…usually thses contain aluminium etc…

  10. Anushka Singh says:

    love you prachi

  11. ritu rakib says:

    hey prachi…. I'm a fan of you… can u share your job life? are u a working woman?

  12. Thushar says:

    Mam i need to talk to you plzzz


    Di please make a video on how we can increase power of eyes and remove high power

  14. Poulomi Bhowmick says:

    No offence to ur new haircut….BT I really liked ur long hair….dnt b mad..pls pls..I really lke u❤❤❤❤❤❤✌

  15. Shreya Gupta says:

    Please change your haircut it's not suiting u

  16. Mayank Lakdawala says:

    Hey I want to say that can you make a video on dubai vacation so can you make please do as we would love to see it

  17. Sumita Dey says:

    Where can we find hylaluronic acid?

  18. Harika KrishnaMurthy says:

    Thanks a lot Prachi..every point was very useful and helpful for me… Can you please give me link to buy hydraulic acid?

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