6 Face & Body Homemade Remedies For The Festive Season/ At Home Natural Skincare

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Hey Everyone, since the festivities, weddings, parties, and functions are around the corner we all want to be festive ready but don’t want to spend those extra bucks at the salon which we can easily save using some brilliant home made products. So in this video, I have 6 Face and Body Skincare Homemade natural remedies for the festive season for Clear, Flawless, Glowing Skin. Hope this video helps! Love,

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6 Face & Body Homemade Remedies For The Festive Season/ Natural Skincare
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  1. S D says:

    how to make potatoe juice?

  2. Naam shabana says:

    Good makeup and hair..

  3. nayan shelke says:

    Wow..all of them are new ones..loved it … thanks

  4. divya pawar says:

    Can you please tell me which eye liner or kajal is best

  5. Muskan Muskan says:

    u looks like anita hasnandani

  6. sonali kachhwaha says:

    Sis plz suggest me how to get rid of lice …. I went on tour with frnds her lice came on head… Plz sis suggest me best tip I m just getting irritated of it

  7. Aakanksha Chiplunkar says:

    Loved it.

  8. beauty hacks saimatahir164 says:

    U r only doing this for Mony ,,become nude ,so cheeep

  9. Priyanka Prasad says:

    I promise this that I used to follow these steps during my school days and that time I never ever watched any YouTubes or got the ideas from anyone.

  10. Sophie K says:

    I am getting married in a few months can you upload a video on how to take care of myself and look my best

  11. Mousumi De says:

    How many time do we use Venus razor specially the blades? or it is use and throw? I only use hair removal cream. want to try razor. Is it safe for sensitive body skin type? pls guide.

  12. pooja pawan swami says:

    Nice video

  13. Afrin Shaikh says:

    plz do video on face exercise video to keep face in a shape

  14. Afrin Shaikh says:

    most waited video❤❤❤

  15. Hiral Tadvi says:

    Nice video diii very helpful this video

  16. marvel contest of campions says:

    U look pretty

  17. marvel contest of campions says:

    How to take juice from potatoes

  18. Ashster ! says:

    Can i lick on your underarms real quick?

  19. FameStar says:

    Besan wala thing I does everyday …. i don't put soap or facewash now

  20. aparna khare says:

    How can you exfoliate after shave??? It's not advisable at all! Exfoliating before shaving is acceptable! But definitely not after shaving!!!

  21. Masuma Khatun says:

    I love your skin so beautiful and flawless. You don't have any pimple. What you use in winter plzz make video about your skin care.

  22. Rishita Patnaik says:

    So good!

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