(#62) Thumbtack on Makiti City Manila! *White Spinning Whirlwinds *Gift of Tongues!

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Thumbtack for destruction upon Makiti City, Manila, Philippines.
The Angelic White Whirlwinds!!!

The Gift of Tongues is REAL! It is a REAL spiritual gift!
It is not babble-garbled noises of nonsense!

When Pentecost happened, (((the Upper Room anointing)))) the Holy Spirit came over them and they began to speak in tongues! They were speaking the Word of God in another NATIVE LANGUAGE which was NOT their own! Those who knew that specific language understood what they were saying by INTERPRETATION!!!

There is a “Heavenly Language” that is spoken in Heavenly places. I know this because when the Holy Spirit came over me like a heavy blanket, my vocal cords were used to speak a language that I have only heard in visions. I was only allowed the knowledge that this was an intercessory prayer and it came via the Holy Spirit. This is the Holiest of prayers! It can not be taught by man! It is ONLY for the prayer closet and the Holy Spirit will speak it…not you!

Those who are rocking back and forth, jiggling their heads around like spasms of the worst kind and babbling nonsense in public, or in pulpits, or even on you-tube videos are not speaking the language of tongues–otherwise someone would be able to interpret the NATIVE language of another.

I KNOW why I get very bad feelings from EVERY one of them that does this because it is not the gift of tongues. NOT! Some are just babbling from vain imagination, lunacy, and others have conjured a spirit of a demon! Do not let others speak like this around you!!!! Be warned that this is true wisdom!

If it is TRUE TONGUES, someone needs to interpret and it WILL only be another NATIVE LANGUAGE!

This is the second part of my Living Testimony of the Living Waters of our Living God.

The first part of my testimony can be found on the link below. Chapters 1-16 and I will wait for Chapter 17 as long as I have to wait….


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