7 Natural Ways to Raise Testosterone Levels (Raise Your T for FREE)

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After the age of 30, many men’s testosterone levels start to drop. If this drop continues for too long, a man can find himself tired all the time, losing muscle mass, and losing interest in things he once loved.

This unfortunate condition can be greatly improved for free by following these 7 natural ways to raise testosterone levels. You don’t have to spend lots of time or money to raise your T level by a good bit, sometimes by several hundred points

Low testosterone is not only an energy and motivation problem, it can also be a medical problem. More research is showing an elevation in the risk of heart disease in men with low T. Don’t fall victim to low T when you can fix it with these tips.

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22 Responses

  1. Loretta Dillon-Ham says:

    Thank you Dr Berry, just sent this to my better-half, I'm sure it will make him smile. I've been encouraging him not to be afraid of eating healthy saturated animal fats and other sat.fats. As recently as last night he said to me I ate the fat with my meat tonight see my plate – no fat left behind – I cooked oven roasted pork ooooh! Delicious! And then our onion and red cabbage fried in the pork fat juices from the baking pan with some steamed broccoli on the side. I'm still working on his exercise and Vit D supplement. Love your work. Again thank you.

  2. Donutz59 says:

    So glad that someone with such good common sense on a healthy lifestyle is out spreading the word. I've followed a ketogenic way of eating for over 7 years and have never felt better. I'm 70 years old, 6' @ 185 and my blood work and markers have my doctor baffled. I've told him how I eat and exercise but he still doesn't believe and continually tries to talk me into some sort of a med for something. Hitting on the testosterone and HGH production is key. I've elevated my t level from 585 to 715 and my HGH is that of a 30 year old. My HIIT comes from only resting 30 to 45 seconds with my weight training. I incorporate approx. 20 minutes of steady state cardio 3 or 4 times a week after resistance training also. Bottom line: the Ketogenic lifestyle is the key along with intermittent fasting which I do at least 5 days a week. Thanks again for spreading the good words.

  3. Rc1 says:

    Thanks doctor for amazing information

  4. The original man says:

    You cam get fats from nuts, alvacados, Salmon, olive oil, cocanut oil.

  5. Tommy Lillywhite says:

    Audio is Terrible

  6. Miguel Perez says:

    Heeeeyyy! I love Skittles

  7. Mahmoud Michael Ajaj says:


  8. Alleyne Philip says:


  9. Auto Manuals says:

    Just listening to your vegan comment, not sure if you are serious but few vegan's – Just saying.

  10. Sneaker County says:

    Is it true marijuana kills testosterone?

  11. mpower 600 says:

    Why is this man keep swallowing like he has something in his mouth while talking ??

  12. Kid Graz says:

    Thanks so much for the info. Turning 50 in 2 months and am always looking to better my health. God Bless

  13. nicholascremato says:

    This is the only doctor that tells you the whole truth!!!

  14. Henry Stoneking says:

    Don't lift heavy. It ages your body. The key is intensity. I use 18 to 34 pound medicine balls and I am done with my workout within 20 minutes. The weight used is not important as much as the intensity you feel from the workout.

  15. Gino Sanchez says:

    Not only are super helpful and informative but also incredibly motivating too! Thanks for all you info

  16. amr626 says:

    Is it bad to eat foods in steamable bags like 90 second rice and veggies?

  17. Justin Santano says:

    Jeremy is so fine.He is passionate about the industry. and obvioisly has done his research. i learned quite a bit from his didcussions. on excercise, diet , and supplements. and ive been training and dieting and trying various priducts thay come to market. i really appreciate the time and effort he puts in to give information. i wish all my teachers were this fine and adding a great personality! keep it up dude you hace it going on!

  18. gaby de wilde says:

    also avoid acidic stuff in plastic.

  19. ChristianMuscle says:

    Does man-spreading increase testosterone? I think it might increase testosterone, because it makes feminist feel comfortable…

  20. Carlos R Bragg says:

    How about having sex haha

  21. Antonio Ribeiro says:

    This guys knows sure seems to know his stuff…

  22. Steve Novak says:

    I'm turning 60 in February…..my t level is 20 and i've had a heart attack….what can i do as i've got a new girlfriend..??

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