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Best varieties of Creepers are listed here which are perennial vine in nature and easy to grow and maintain in the Containers or pots or cans. These plants can easily be twined around bamboo stick stakes in bended form and you can get Flowers round the year in a very small space. You can grow them in terrace or Balcony easily.

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37 Responses

  1. sharadbhutoria says:

    Thanks dada for the help.

  2. himanshu m says:

    Sir plz grow Japan is persimmon. Can it service in India if I germinate some seeds ??

  3. Seema T.R says:

    Sir can u send seeds of morning glory blue. Mandevilla red, violet ,pink.lam ready ro pay.pls inform me

  4. nilima kulkarni says:

    Really Nice

  5. Rohit Godiya says:

    Rose plant flower ka size increase Karna ka liye konsa fertilizer dena Chahiye

  6. Somnath Sarkar says:

    Sir which nursery?

  7. india india says:

    Respected sir…mere passion plant par bilkul bhi flower nahi aa rhe.usko purchase kiy huy mujhe 5 month ho gy.but no flower.npk..organic fertilizer. . potassium bhi deke dekh liya..plz guide

  8. sudipta sardar says:

    Respected sir, though out of context, still would you please tell me what is the proper soil recipe for difenbechia?I have got two of that,both are struggling a lot.I would like to repot those two according to your suggestions.please…

  9. Sundramalar Ratnasinggam says:

    Sir, I am ardent fan of your channel…..I love gardening and have planted alamandas but they don't seem to bloom….why is it so…

  10. shazia tariq says:

    We have around 4000 nurseries in karachi .the nurserynear my house had only one creeper which has yellow flowers

  11. Saleena Sali says:

    Sir can you deliver some plants by courier

  12. jabeen irfan says:

    Does butterfly pea flower in winter only?

  13. bontku rani says:

    Sir please make a video on Bleeding Heart. Beautiful flower plant. That plant reminds me Laal par shada shari …

  14. Arif Afridi Pailan says:

    Kothai pabo sir ? Any address or phone number please..

  15. Dipanjan Giri says:

    thank you for your nice presentation. Can you please tell me, where can i by all these creepers.

  16. Prabhat Sarkar says:

    "Nil Kanth" plant at its length of 5 to 6 feet and in 8 inch earthing pot does not flowering. Though there is a Nayantara plant in the same pot with Nil Kantha.

  17. Jaani Khangura says:

    Beautiful video
    Sir Bleeding heart Vine konse session mein grow krte hai…wenter/summer

  18. Kavitha Palanivel says:

    Superb sir.ur videos r most useful.I am in tamil nadu.Thank you so much.

  19. Ruby Oliver says:


  20. jigar barot says:

    Please also explain how to grow and care about all above

  21. Bharti Bhatia says:

    Dada can I sow morning glory seeds now or wait until spring (Jan -feb)…..?

  22. Sunita Kumari says:

    Mandeville ko pruning kab or kesi karni hard or soft

  23. Arshi Khan says:

    Aprajeeta ko seed s abhi grow kr skate h kya

  24. shivaraju 200011 says:

    Really beautiful sir
    IAM very excited because ornamental veins growing in pot very beautiful sir

  25. harsh kunchal says:

    Sir boganville ko 12 inch pot me laga sakte h kya….or pot me uski vine banegi ya plant

  26. Gagan Sharma says:

    Aap ne morning glory ko full sun m rakha h kya,or fertilizer konsa dete ho

  27. Monagurdeepsingh Raghaw says:

    I successfully planted aprajita
    And now in search of Susan black eye and passion flower


    Nice video sir
    Sir,does rooting harmone powder has expiry date*. *if we will use beyond its expiry date,would it be ok or it will effect the rooting effect on plants

  29. rahul kodikal says:

    Hi. If you can kindly mention if any of the creepers referred in video attracts mosquitos.

  30. anita paradkar says:

    Plants nursery business is profitable business.

  31. Avik Sarkar says:

    Looks like Pratima Nursery, Sakherbazar

  32. Sushil K Lawaniya says:

    Sir, I think you miss the populer amanda vine and ticoma Vine. By the way bleeding heart Vine is very cute… I have Madhumalti / Combretum indicum vine

  33. shariq hasan says:

    Thanks for the excellent video. Please also give some care tips, like sunlight and watering requirements and disease control

  34. shakunt tewatia says:

    Pl make a video on care of Mendevilla.

  35. princess Luna kusuma says:

    try thai rangoon creeper / chinese honeysuckle vine , they smell awesome

  36. Sam K says:

    Very informative video. Thanks sir.
    Really like how you give common English name, bilological name and also local /regional name of each of them.

  37. Nilkamal chowdhury says:

    গোলাপের উপর একটা ভিডিও বানাবেন

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