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Planet Earth is always ready to surprise its inhabitants with a variety of different natural phenomena. Some of them are beautiful, others are scary, and still others are so mysterious that even scientists spend years searching for an explanation. We’re gonna talk precisely about them today. Are you ready to see the most amazing manifestations of nature? Then…

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19 Responses

  1. martins bode says:

    WOW, i have seen all those fenomena, but of all those only flying frogs and fishes, and birds i though was fenomena…

  2. Horor says:

    You after 10 years 8:15

  3. Horor says:

    I have seen light pillars few times

  4. Horor says:

    Me opens Goat Simulator 4:32

  5. Steve Nichols says:

    "Fire rainbow" is geoengineering chemicles. The "pillar" is due to geoengineering aluminum nanoparticulate. Any pink color is caused by the presence of lithium.

  6. zvorenergy says:

    The thumbnail looks like a child scribbled on a canvas print

  7. elizabeth skidmore says:

    The starlings don't have anything to do with migration. It is murmuration most likely during the winter months. They are all flying around their nesting sites. Where they are you can see a bunch of trees that can hold thousands of nests and that's why the "clouds" are so big. They all fly in one flock to scout and deter predators, when they feel secure they will return to their nests for the night and keep warm due to the numbers. The shape they fly in moves when one starling starts turning, affecting the other 7 around them which then creates a wave movement as all the starlings move in synchronisation which is called scale-free correlation, basically one moves and causes a cascade of movement from the others. It can be seen all over the UK. Obviously there is debation, and not everything is known, but is the most widely accepted.

  8. Fiercely Humble says:

    Can someone make my day and tell me the name of the background music please? Thanks y'all!!

  9. Charliezard Gaming says:


  10. james keller says:

    Is it just me or did I not see what is the thumbnail at all

  11. Raznal Magtibay says:


  12. sam woodage says:

    That’s not a light pilla it’s goku going super Sayen Sorry about spelling no auto correct for super sayen

  13. Colin Wakefield says:

    This is one of the most wierd video I ever seen

  14. just kristian says:

    HaHa im from denmark

  15. monsterka says:

    The mirage that showed the fishermen (with tall towers behind them) was on lake Erie with Cedar Point in the background(: Power Tower, Wind Seeker, and Top Thrill Dragster were the rides shown

  16. school.boys911 says:

    I actually saw a miraj some time before

  17. Nagato Fukushu says:

    Such an amazing planet huh

  18. Kurt Martelino says:

    Unicorn lovers will faint when they see an actual fire rainbow.

  19. Boodhoo Tharkesh says:

    They used the black sun thing in dragons race to the edge….Now i get it

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