9 Products @ 599| Goo Infinity BEAUTY BOXX |Free shipping |Partly MYOB |Unboxing and Review

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(it is Blushboxx restocked)

The box is priced at ₹599 with free shipping and contains 9 full-sized beauty products (7 same for all and 2 are choices). 
Get box here : https://gooinfinity.com/shop/goo-infinity-beauty-box/

✔️ Only prepaid available. No COD 
✔️ very limited stock available. 

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The box was sent for review purposes. I’m not being paid to make this video. Review shared is my own

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27 Responses

  1. Leotales by Niranjana says:

    goo infinity beauty Boxx and the erstwhile Blushboxx are the same

  2. Jemi James says:

    Pls do a review of votre facemask

  3. Pushpalatha Rokkam says:

    Nice one

  4. Debamitra Dey says:

    I was right. But they denied. Be aware guys.

  5. Niharika Papishetty says:

    nice box..

  6. 01simmy says:

    Product choice options are same since their October box. No variety, and no new products has been added.

  7. Edna Joseph says:

    For some reason this box reminds me of the blushboxx. R they same with different name ??

  8. arham saif says:

    I Had Ordered The Mobile box ans i was completely satisfied and happy with the products..the only issue was with late shipping but that is mentioned on their website

    I recommend getting one if you are looking something good for gifting purpose.

  9. Rameez Fatma says:

    Woow. So many products at this rate. Superb deal.

  10. Neepa Gandhi says:

    Nice video

  11. ISHA SINGLA says:

    nice diii

  12. Rajinder Kaur says:

    Woowww 9 products.. amazing box

  13. Prasanna Vlogs & Beauty tips says:

    Spbbbbbb boxx Dear

  14. Agila Govindaraj says:

    Before ordered product itself not yet received how to order this

  15. jennifer arora says:

    Nyc addition

  16. Clarisha Ferrao says:

    I lyk d Crazy pink lip balm n als d eye liner

  17. Kashifah Shaikh says:

    Its a good deal but instead of 4 scrubs, they could have sent 2 scrubs, 1 branded lipstick and 1 bath salt.

  18. Debamitra Dey says:

    Dear goo infinity box, the term fraud one was used to mean blush box as they have cheated many customers including me. Moreover there is striking similarity between the products of blush box and yours. Anybody can check that. Even in case of product choice. Anyhow if you can give me guarantee to deliver your products within 7days and mail me , I will definitely book this box. Don't feel hurt, there are lots of cases of cheating regarding subscription boxes.

  19. Susmita Sen says:

    Too many scrubs! But I love your videos as usual….

  20. sita s says:

    Nice curation 🙂

  21. S Sharma says:

    Wow…nine products at this price…amazing…thanku for sharing…

  22. suranjana ghatakchoudhury says:

    Ooo, so many products! Lot of scrubs too 😛

  23. amina prapahar says:

    Liked all the products. All full size products

  24. Himani Agarwal says:

    Shower gel and votre face mask is promising….

  25. Rexy Dalbin says:

    I like kajal and lip balm

  26. Samreen Ahmed says:

    Nice box

  27. Bijeta Roynath says:

    i havent recieved my last months box yet…dont know whats the matter..will mail them today….and also my bad the back cover of my phone case was not available…not their fault…its an ancient phone though…lollzzz

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