ACCIDENTS HAPPEN on the Homestead

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Accidents Happen. How do you handle them? How would you handle them if there isn’t a doctor or hospital to go to? Join us as we discuss this issue. Accidents on the Homestead

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5 Responses

  1. Amanda Foreman says:

    Your momma is a beautiful lady Wanda !

  2. Buckaroo Bonzai says:

    You tube as the modern day Gestapo
    If you control the content you control the people
    Such a shame

  3. Amanda Foreman says:

    If your headache doesn’t go away in 24 hours , I would go get checked in case you have a concussion. Accidents do happen, thankfully you weren’t too badly hurt!

  4. Applonia Farm says:

    No doubt accidents can happen. We've been fortunate to have nothing serious yet. Luckily no fire ants this far north, though my dad has them in Arkansas.

  5. B V H says:

    Danny I’m with you, you can mess with anything, but don’t mess with my hat!

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