actual footage of me losing my sh*t lol

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idk what this is man. have a splendid day.

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17 Responses

  1. Ashley Wong says:

    can you react to charlie puth and jungkook/bts singing together?

  2. Meltem Mishkat says:

    This video is a fucking mood

  3. Basically Me says:

    No, those are not the lyrics. Lol. It's "I got two phones. One for the b**** and one for the dough" . That's Kevin Gates song 2 phones. Or at least that's what I think you're talking about. (3:50)

  4. KOREABOO _ALERT says:

    1:15 Jungkook

  5. eun-yongkiari min says:

    jungkook!! HE's also my bias!!

  6. Super 707 says:

    1:11 its TaeTaeee

  7. ksweaterpaws says:

    the best video ever

  8. MissProducer 101 says:

    Yay pls bring ur camera to school

  9. Akane ST says:

    this is a big fat mood, me 24/7

  10. Otaku Riser says:

    I could get used to this vlogging XD.

  11. The Gurr who lubs Nooder & SPRITE! says:


  12. Suga Sexy says:

    Y do i think this is your best video

  13. kit says:

    this entire video is a mood

  14. Jiabean says:

    This is too relatable omg it's literally hell-week for me too

  15. KpopisLifeu27 says:

    The thumbnail is me when someone says BTS look like girls

  16. Avalynn Rayne says:

    Please don’t delete this I love this

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