AFK POWER Level 1-second COOKING for MASSIVE Contribution CP Silver XP Milk Beer Black Desert Online

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Hi all, This will show even a new player just beginning how to POWER level up cooking for as much CP as you want. Also shows multiple ways to hit 1 second cook time (gear, tools,utensil). As much milk as you need and what to use and more.

Links mentiond:
Find node materials:

Rough stone:

Mass producing Advanced tools and utensils:

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29 Responses

  1. R1 Menace says:

    5 minute mark to get to details.

  2. roxE- says:

    still work in 2018??

  3. plasmathunderdx says:

    Finally got 1second cook time with intermediate cooking tool 😀

  4. Jbhoy Heartdweller Cat says:

    What is the benefits of doing lifeskills in the game?

  5. Calvin Pangestu says:

    try to cook essence of liquor. 400 try not even once getting "dish with poorly prepared ingredients". pls help

  6. poteris1 says:

    I probably missed some part out, but what's the purpose of having multiple utensils?

  7. Ong Wei Jie says:

    Hello sir , this game just got released on the sea server, I wanted to start with cooking. Can u give me more info on what nodes should I get for beginners? Housings etc? Thank you!

  8. MikeyMutz says:

    Here i am wondering why im using a +2 and a canipe and only getting 9 secs… god damn cooking station was adding +5 secs cooking time. why the hell is that even in the game who in their right mind would use them after finding out it adds time

  9. Furkan Polat Açıkgöz says:

    Rent a Large Fence. Grow some Special Strawberries. Easy and profitable

  10. KINGhotaru11 says:

    I have +2 cook n canape n a life spirit stone n most I can cut timer wise 7 secs.. do I need +3 to get ur speeds?

  11. Thomas Klein says:

    At the beginning of the video why does your screen show "Crafting has succeeded "Beer"" when you are not even cooking anything at the cooking ustensil ?

  12. TheRyuuma says:

    it's better to cook on your mine char or at alt?

  13. Centurion3210 says:

    So much details! If only i found this video earlier 😀

  14. roksarogue says:

    At what point does your energy not go down when making beer?

  15. zure it says:

    hmmm, really tempted to go for a +4 cooking clothes to see if I can instantaneously make beer.

  16. BakaOppai - says:

    $22 for that Canape set.. Psh, ya no…

  17. Gregory Thompson says:

    14% on 10 seconds is 1.4 seconds 😛

  18. ThecrusaderWoW says:

    you sir are now my go to for all things lifeskill, ty sir, this is the first ever game I've played of its nature (uncapped progression) and idk how but I got this satisfied feeling after my second day in, having only physically played the game for like 4-5 hours, then going afk fishing overnight, and coming back to like 2 million in fish profits then another 4mil in those ancient shard things. I've had a more satisfying experience afk in this game that I have physically playing others lol. so I look forward to your lifeskill videos and guides in the future. I can tell it'll be a big part of the game for me.

  19. gunboygx says:

    Does this still work?

  20. wat1243 says:

    Im new to enhancing things so i just accidentally wasted 4 mil silver…

  21. NiYaZ says:

    not exactly what i want to know but i figured it out through this video

  22. TheVitor677 says:

    I didnt get anything for turning in CP pls help!. im cook lvl apprentice 10

  23. fck off says:

    hello i just started doing this. how are you able to move to other cooking utensils ? if i try to cook on another utensil the first one stops

  24. AllenC1 says:

    Hey man! I've been following your videos on alch and cooking to get CP turn-ins, but somehow Im not getting any CP proc, and i've been making beers and liquid reagents for a week already but absolutely no CP proc, is it dependant on the lifeskill lvl? Im only skilled atm 🙁
    thanks for your tips and guides, you're da best!

  25. xScrewedJoke says:

    Why do you have so many cooking utensils in your house ? Isnt it useless since u can use just 1 utensil anyways? Or does the -1 cooking time stack on each utensil… pls answer im kinda confused right now haha. Good video though 🙂

  26. Luca Della Sciucca says:

    i still dont undertand why u would have 10 different cooking utenisles at a time in your house…. can t u only use one at a time?

  27. Sandels The Demo Warlock says:

    how many times did i just see crafting succeeded

  28. Dylan Mayes says:

    Thanks =)

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