Air Stone Setup for Hydroponic Growing – Oxygen Is Plant Food

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16 Responses

  1. Grow Indoors 365 says:

    Hey, did you see the list of hydroponic necessities I recently published? ►

  2. Nadeem Ahmed says:

    What if we put bigger pump output like 5 gallon pump in a half liter nutrient jar of hydroponic tomato so what would happen? Plz give your view. Thank-you.

  3. Jordan Giesige says:


  4. FlyingPigNJ says:

    That's awesome. I'm about to hook it up to my former aquarium air pump. Any idea how much of the roots I should leave exposed vs submerged in the water?

  5. Buggs Bunny says:

    if you don't know how to put an air stone in a tank this is for you. For the rest who have a brain you can skip this tosh.

  6. Brock Jones says:

    Oxygen is not plant food. Plants actually grow way faster with an abundance of CO2 and produce oxygen. It is no big deal in this instance because your plants leaves are going to be above the waters surface anyways. If the leaves were under water then injecting CO2 would be "like" feeding them and you could watch oxygen bubbles streaming from the foliage as they respirate. Moving the water surface knocks CO2 out of the water and can be detrimental to growth for underwater plants. In this case where you are using airstones there is a different purpose for doing so. The plants roots which are not normally grown under water will do better and you will reduce certain pests and biotic disorders by creating a highly aerobic condition rather than and anaerobic condition.

  7. peter adams says:

    does the airflow have to be continuous or can it be on a timer?

  8. pa28IFR says:

    Hi Mike, does the little black suction supports come with the airstone on Amazon ? If not where is the best place to get them ? Thanks for all that you do 🙂

  9. Remus 247 says:

    I have flexible rubber air "stone" which kind of eliminates the need for the suction cups, you can get it on eBay cheap. Thanks for the video.

  10. JOE FUGALLO HealingIsEasy says:

    Are dark plastic containers better? And why? Please show what nutrients you put in please

  11. DudeRevolution says:

    2:543:24…. stoned as fuck

  12. Mr Eighty Twenty says:

    Hi Can you tell me the distance from the bottom of your net cups to the bottom of the water tank. Thanks

  13. Transhumanist Space Exploration says:

    In Kratky hydroponics – as the plant consumes the water the roots that aren't submerged will mutate to breathe air only (rising water level will kill the plant)
    In Air pumping hydroponics – the plant doesn't develop such roots but is totally dependent on your air-pump instead.

  14. mike z says:

    Hey, where did you get this pump/airstone? I've been looking online and can only find cheaper-looking ones. Thanks for all this info!

  15. andrew valdes says:

    where can u get your reservoir? ?

  16. Edmond Tso says:

    Are you using regular water? Or are you mixing nutrients into the water for pH levels? How often are you changing the water or checking pH levels, if at all. Thanks!

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