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This is another one of my families favorite electric dishes.
Places to find these ingredients online:

Grape Seed Oil –
Oregano –
Basil –
Thyme –
Bay Leaves –
Onion Powder –
Pure Sea Salt –
Cayenne –
Organic Raw Blue Agave –
Other products used:
Misto Oil Sprayer –
Cast Iron Skillet:
Cast Iron Handle Cover:

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25 Responses


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  2. Anne Gallagher says:

    I've just made your veggie soup. It is delicious. I've had 3 serves already. I'll freeze the rest, about 10 bowls. I cheated and tossed in two kilos of frozen mixed veggies. Can't be perfect, but when I'm organised I'll use fresh.
    Great video. THANKS.

  3. wandalj1970 says:

    I made this soup today and my family and I loved it…thanks for sharing

  4. Lisa Myrie says:

    Hi, That's way to much, Stuff, In that dish.

  5. Alvin Jackson says:

    You are doing great. Don't worry about the camera. No more apologizing!

  6. Christina Meadows says:

    Thank you for this video! I want to make this soon. Saving this video for the recipe!

    Keep making your videos! I saw you haven’t posted anything in 6 months. I am super interested in other recipes you make, what you know about the alkaline diet, AND what it has done for you and your family.

    Now I’m going to go watch more of your videos!

  7. nial jackson says:

    So where is the link to the alkaline food list??

  8. Lorenzo Rothery says:

    Hi I enjoyed your video and watched it to the end. Will try the soup also. What to learn more about Dr. Sebi's methods. Do more videos for sure.


    Loved this.. quit meat already.. gathering recipes to transition to full vegan… will def use this!! Thanks… I watched to the end

  10. Marcus Small says:

    Question: You ever run out of spring water and if so what do you used to replace that? I really would like to know because I does have to go back to tap water.

  11. blu sky says:

    Can I use tomato paste instead of fresh tomatoes?

  12. LARRY FLORES says:

    yes you did a great job don't worry so much everything seemed fine

  13. LARRY FLORES says:

    Looks delicious will have to try soon.

  14. Georgio Dukes says:

    Keep sharing with us please .

  15. Miala says:

    Love your videos ! So happy I found them .please don’t ever stop making them❤️

  16. Marcia Garraway says:

    Great job! Making this tomorrow. Thanks

  17. Octavia Hunter says:

    I just found you! Will be making this tomorrow!

  18. Patricia Holley says:

    ,yes please keep sharing i need your help.

  19. Carmen Richards says:

    I watch all your videos to the end. I’ll make this tomorrow for dinner. Thanks

  20. Luna LynxPoint says:

    I made this in my instant pot. I cooked it for about 12 minutes and let the steam release naturally. My noodles were a bit overcooked. However, the veggies were perfect! Maybe next time I will cook for 8-10 minutes or leave the noodles out altogether. It was delicious! Thank you so much for this recipe. It really hit the spot!

  21. luvin2lrn says:

    You can use olive oil to right?

  22. Robert Greer says:

    Looks delicious.

  23. peggiegunter says:

    Keep sharing your videos are great.

  24. Jenn M says:

    you are awesome. thank you for sharing you recipe. I always think there isnt a large alkaline community and then i come across your video. 🙂 Thank you for inspiring me to share my recipes as well.

  25. Simply Alisha says:

    Watched to the end! This looks very good!

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