Another Taste of Serbia ~ Best Affordable Organic Produce Farmers Market

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Welcome to Mieer Travel Tips and your food guide to Serbia. Come join us as we explore the capital city of Belgrade and visit one of the best Farmers Markets in the city, Blok 44 Pijaca. Organic fruits and vegetables are so aromatic with fresh dirt still clinging to them – you know they were just harvested and were not refrigerated. You have a wide variety of really inexpensive and healthy meats, fish and really amazing breads and pastries.
Serbia is one of those countries where traditional organic farming is still widely practiced and farmers come to Belgrade from many surrounding villages and towns to sell their produce. So support the local farmers as this has got to be the best food we have seen anywhere.
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  1. Alex C says:

    Svaka čast momci! Pozdrav iz Portland Oregon!!

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