Applegate: Eastern Iowa Pork Farmers

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Pasture raising antibiotic-free hogs is more than a job for brothers Jim, Josh and Ralph. It’s been a way of life for their family for nearly 50 years. –

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11 Responses

  1. Abundance wealthy says:

    Good job guys  . .  awesome!!

  2. Chris Brown says:

    Thank you for making ethics a priority.

  3. Timothy Daly says:

    Humanely raised, violently killed.

  4. Blue Eye Lathers says:

    Thank you for doing it this way.

  5. think about it says:

    Thanks to these farmers!!!! They treat these animals with care and respect

  6. think about it says:

    I'm gonna visit this farm soon

  7. jenifer Ransom says:

    Bless you guys! We need a lot more farms like yours for raising food animals. Thank you for your humane and caring approach. Yours is the only brand of pork products that I will buy.

  8. Sarah M says:

    I will never buy deli meat from another company again. Thank you for caring, Applegate! You have a lifetime customer in me.

  9. Priest says:

    Are these pigs treated for parasites or anything else they can get? Also I have bought Applegate for years….before Organic food was basically mainstream…..and I remember it was one of the only ones in stores….I started around 2013 or so….

  10. marcin97 says:

    I don't understand the 33% of thumbs down for this video. This is a model farm, at least portrayed that way in this clip. Looks terrific, condiions are like nothing I've seen recerectly on YT. My question is, however, how do other farms supplying pork look like? Obviously not just this one farm supplies all the meat to Applegate.

  11. Cool Cat says:

    Ok…seems like a good operation…thumbs up

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