Applegate: Family Turkey Farmers

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Healthy animals and family ties are especially important to Susan and Jennifer Showalter as they raise antibiotic-free turkeys at J2 Farms in Virginia. –

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24 Responses

  1. Tenzin Wangmo says:

    Everybody is showing sympathy for the turkeys, not for their health and happiness but for their own satisfaction. How ironic is this? Demanding a good care for the turkeys so they could eat fresh and good meat, not because they love them and want them to experience happiness.This world is crazy, I am scared of humans more than any wild animals. Everything that breathes and grows have feelings and desire to live. SAD! Even if you are selling a healthy turkeys or any other kinds of meat, you don’t deserve to be called ‘HUMAN’ if you have killed an innocent!!

  2. TheCookingNerd says:

    Animal slaughters. Your the devil

  3. mike joél says:

    Cant wait tell thanksgiving i have my own turkey so i dont have to pay that much money for a turkey…good job don't let these tree huggers mess with you what you are doing is good

  4. Scorpio Seven says:


  5. warren katz says:

    Addeda21/is a Farce . Do not let these monkeys into your home. If you do. You will regret it.

  6. Varinderji Bains says:

    Oh my God this is sin

  7. qt f says:

    Better than other farms but could be better

  8. six footaa says:

    This is disgusting. This is animal slavery. Go Vegan!!!

  9. Donnell says:

    This is literally the most vegan comment section I have ever seen…

  10. Donnell says:

    By humanely raised they mean they aren’t trapped in tiny cages or put through any other form of torture. Of course the animals have to be killed but they live a better life before that.

  11. sister swindle says:

    Go vegan this is not humane

  12. Daddy Save me from the sheep says:

    The comments will make you loose brain cells so beware. If people want to eat meat let them.

  13. Michael Scalese says:

    I just realized something. Meat eaters hate I'm vegetarian channels and vegetarians hate on these channels. No one respects each other's decisions. I think vegetarians should stop telling us how to live and we should stop telling them how to live because no one ever listens to each other anyways.

  14. Lauren Le says:

    So sanitary means humane?

  15. India Mccoy says:

    Don't think you know the definition of humane. Go vegan!

  16. Julie Waldroup says:

    You said it. You are doing this for profit. Slitting their throats for PROFIT.

  17. Julie Waldroup says:

    Oh do they humanely slit their throats too?

  18. shaun woolley says:

    It’s so sad the disconnect that the animals you care for so much lose their entire lives just to be one meal for humans. We live in a day and age of abundant plant foods that are easier and more sustainable to grow.

  19. Miriam Schiro says:

    Taking the life of ANY life that wants to live IS NOT humane so STOP WITH THOSE LIES ALREADY!

  20. Miriam Schiro says:

    "If they don't do well we don't do well" WOW smh… I rather profit in rescuing and saving animals giving them the long life with love and care that they deserve until they die naturally on their own then to profit in murdering young animals for greedy selfish people to devour them

  21. MidnightPaps Kyle says:

    I think animals don't matter nearly as much as humans, okay? I personally believe God created man to rule over the other creatures. And while this is more humane than what I've seen, it's still not the best case scenario for these birds. Isn't there anyway to give them a more natural environment?

  22. Susi Mendler says:

    Humanely killing innocent animals and eating their dead bodies

  23. Legend 27 says:

    What about foxes and chickens vegan propaganda at its finest

  24. Destiny Flame says:

    Look at all those chickens

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