Applegate: West Virginia Chicken Farmers

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Bradley and Linette describe their experience raising organic chicken and instilling the value of hard work in their young family in the Shenandoah Valley. –

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27 Responses

  1. Gary Day says:

    Something sbout this video I don't like Idk…..

  2. Ctb 281 says:

    Definitely a better way, beautiful family.

  3. Barbara McDonald says:

    How wonderful, I had no idea there was such a lovely family behind this brand. My mothers side of the family (I think it was my great-great grandfather) was Mennonite and I have all of their very old family books (religious all) stored away…and in the original German too. I love your sausage and now I think I like it even a bit more knowing who is behind this brand. Thank you.

  4. Chai'naMarie03 says:

    Who you ppl trying to kid? All you're doing is teaching your children how NOT to value life. Each bird is an individual that's capable of suffering. Just because you feel ur treating the birds better doesn't mean that much….teach your kids the value of life. Well, I guess if you don't understand that you can't teach it to anyone.
    What u call humane doesn't make murdering all these birds moral.

  5. thepowderriverfarrier says:

    This video convinced me to buy Applegate; thanks for your efforts.

  6. Kathryn Nicholas says:

    What garbage. Leave animals alone

  7. MrDgroff says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Applegate! Keep it up!

  8. Alvah Mivalorah says:

    My wife le nut

  9. hypestreams says:

    don't buy the "humane" lie

  10. Nicole 20 says:

    Thanks Applegate, for setting the example other industries should follow. Although I do appreciate you raising these chickens more humanely, it doesn’t change the fact that these chickens want to live and you don’t allow that to happen. But then again, I also know this is your source of income, and you can’t drop everything and go vegan. It’d be really cool if you could educate yourself on the health and ethical benefits of going vegan though. :3

  11. Bilal hah says:


  12. Brian Martin says:

    This smells like straight up egg industry propaganda. Beautiful family though

  13. Brian Martin says:

    You guys don't do debeaking?

  14. I don't even care anymore says:

    Rip chickens

  15. Sensual Creationist Bellington Of Infinity and pie says:

    More "adequate" conditions for their slavery? Let's do some research here. ✌

  16. mezleona says:

    Those animals need more time outside you have the space ! Please give them more time outside

  17. notafraid06 says:

    Just bought some applegate thick cut bacon i think tonight. Im willing to spend more on humanely raised animals

  18. sherocks54 says:


  19. John Sinclair says:

    I like what Lynette said: you do what you do for "people who can't do it themselves." When I'm in the grocery store, I silently thank lots of people like you. My junior-high friend and his family were egg producers, and that friend impacted the way I think about my food. Thanks, guys.

  20. Dima b says:

    Jesus christ never preached Division,anyways We see from History that division amongst the genders never worked, if anything it created more problems, sweeping stuff under the carpet Never helps because it all adds up and then boom disaster happens.

  21. Kai C. says:

    Why did the wife speak so little?

  22. Sejal Khan says:

    i also appreciate organic and love your priorities

  23. Sejal Khan says:

    I love this video agriculture in general is starting to interest me this video is inspiring

  24. Mr.WereWolph says:

    3 minute long unskippable ad. THANKS.

  25. James Sartorius says:

    Your wife is hot

  26. Jim Boyy says:

    Unbelievable blessing thank you for sharing, God bless you all

  27. Mary Moran says:

    Thanks Applegate, hope more and more meat producers show how the animals are kept. I have no problem with killing animals for food if they are humanely treated and have a good life on the farm. It's terrible there are factory farms that keep chickens and pigs in cages they can't even turn around in. I think consumers, if given the knowledge, will chose meat from humanely treated animals.

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