ART OF ORGANICS OCTOBER 2018 review/ ft. Honua + Live Botanicals

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It’s hard to put into words how thrilled I am that Art of Organics is featuring these two brands this month, but I hope it comes through in this video! The women behind Live Botanicals (Carolyn) and Honua (Kapua) create beautiful skincare with such integrity that I think you will fall for them like I have. XOXO ~T

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-*Honua Skincare Aina Mask
-*Live Botanical Luna Renewing Concentrate

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9 Responses

  1. Yasmin Maley says:

    I’d be really interested in hearing you speak more on appropriation and your informed thoughts on the subject!

  2. Stephanie Christine says:

    I’m glad you mentioned how much to use. I slap on a ton of the Moana Mask (I love that mask!!) and would have done the same with this one. Im sagar to get it.

  3. Sumer Tatum-Clem says:

    I'm so glad you touched on the practice of stewardship. That was such a perfect word to use, and I wish all humans would extend good stewardship to our entire planet. Hawai'i is magic. We were stationed on O'ahu for three years, and it was never lost on me how foreign we non-native people were there. I often felt like I didn't have a right to be there, and I did my best to be respectful of their magical land.

  4. Free Range Diva says:

    Hi Trish! Sending prayers and positivity for a successful surgery and a speedy healing! A few years ago we went through what I call "the Great Flood of 2013" when a toilet broke in the middle of the night and flooded the first floor and basement. Fortunately, we had a wonderful insurance co. and got the house put back together in a couple of months. So hang in there 🙂 I lived in Hawaii for two years working in the tourist industry. Sometimes, people travel w/ the expectation that experiences should be just like home instead of being open to experience through the eyes of the local culture and population. These expectations often cause some tension, unfortunately. Love the Aina!! The Live balm sounds a bit too heavy for me right now. Take care… xo Cheryl

  5. Linda C says:

    I had the surprise opportunity to speak to Kapua recently . I had a few product questions & decided to call the company . Kapua answered the phone . I was so pleasantly surprised! We had a nice conversation about skin types & her products . I ordered another jar of Aina & another bottle of Youth Serum . This must be my 6th bottle . I absolutely love that stuff . I just used the mask last night & loved it . I put more on than the directions state & left it on longer . No redness or problems of any kind . I've had reactions with other companies' masks & won't be purchasing them again. I love Kapua's products & will continue to support her . I wish you well with your upcoming surgery & hope the basement is fixed very soon .

  6. Mallorie Gibson says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! I am definitely interested in a video about cultural appropriation in the eco/green industry.

  7. My Life_Wendy says:

    Hi Trish! Oh boy I am sorry about the flood I know the stress with that and You are in my Prayers your surgery Will Be a Complete success! I am really looking forward to getting my box.. I love both brands so much!! I vote yes on a video on cultural appropriation!! Sending lots of healing energy your way my friend Xoxo

  8. Amber Herring says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery on your surgery and I hope everything with your basement situation gets fixed soon. These products sound amazing I love Honua skincare, I’ve never tried Live Botanical I’m gonna have to try it soon. I also would love you see a video on cultural appropriation. ❤️

  9. Lorelei Marie says:

    Can’t wait to receive my box! I already know I’m going to love it. Live Botanical has been one of my favorite brands & Honua is quickly becoming one. Both of these products are new to me, which is super exciting. Thank you for making such a great video. I feel both of these brands have a uniqueness in the market (part of which is their integrity & intention) which really shines through to their products. Maybe I’m crazy, but I feel that as a customer/consumer if you’re open to it this “specialness” is really apparent.

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