Aster Farms is Leading the Way in Sustainably Grown Cannabis

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With the Green Rush taking hold in legal states like California, boutique family cultivators like Aster Farms have become a beacon for pure, sustainable, sun-grown cannabis. Using only the purest elements to grow their crop — sun, soil, wind, and other natural components — Aster is dedicated to organic, clean cannabis. Located in Northern California, heavily affected by the wildfires, for every purchase of Aster’s Harry’s Harvest collection (named for Harry, the farm’s missing cat, following the fires), $2 will be donated to local volunteer firefighters. How’s that for Aster’s commitment to the community, not to mention responsible cultivation?


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12 Responses

  1. Edgar says:

    Wen you enter a dispensary and they ask for your name and age and put it in the system what do they do with that information, asking for a friend

  2. HardAnall Jr. says:

    Get more people high for the first time

  3. fuck your comments says:

    If you think indoor anywhere else is better than outdoor in perfect California weather you're insane. So many of these dispensarys rush the product out and don't flush the nutrients properly or long enough. Can't tell you how many times I've bought bud that smelled so good and looked so good but was some of the harshest bud I've smoked

  4. Scott Olsen says:

    "our demographic…." hmm….. curious as to whom you're actually referring to.

  5. Earth Quake says:

    Yeah, but people still in prison for using and selling marijuana

  6. Luis Quintanilla says:

    Gentrification of Cannabis

  7. MostlyWeed says:

    Nice share

  8. Caleb Dempsey says:

    This is cool and all, but their bud is no different than the shit grown indoors and found in dispensary. Growing outdoors is a pain… more unwanted plant pests, less secure as being indoors, etc. I like civilized a lot, but this is douchey.

  9. SourceHD says:

    Ecological <3

  10. RerollYaDice says:

    I love your docs, including this one, but I think that trying to make weed an aesthetic is honestly kinda pretentious. Im all down for organic, green farming, but I think that should be the norm, but it seems kinda gimmicky if all of your branding is centered around that. I don’t mean any hate, just thought I’d share my love bought son where the industry is going I guess.

  11. yes sir says:

    Sorry but indoor will always be better

  12. Drew Messenger says:

    Should do same type of video but make it longer

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