Avocados Aren’t Vegan Now?

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BBC game show host Sandy Toksvig claims that avocado toast isn’t vegan because bees. My response.
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23 Responses

  1. DREW MURDAUGH says:

    You fucking vegans are so goddamn sanctimonious. You have the chemical brain and balance from the non-consumption of foods containing nutrients that your body definitely needs but for some how are prejudice against you skinny toad morons are totally insane

  2. rah rah says:

    2 Things I have learnt from vegans are:
    The reason why vegans prefer animals over humans are because they are socially awkward and are not fun to be around.

    And if you are not a vegan you are an asshole, murderer, rapist and deserve to die

    I wonder why people don't like vegans or don't take them seriously?

  3. CynicalIdealist says:

    There's some degree of harm caused at some point along the production of essentially every type of food, this it's why it's important to draw clear lines. If it's an animal product, it's not vegan. However once factory farming is abolished, the next goal should be to find better ways of growing plant foods so as to minimize the harm caused.

  4. Michael John Battista says:

    nobody perfect but avocados are vegan and more sustainable future proof food thanks @mike

  5. Carta pacium says:

    I'm not a perfect vegan… I'm better..

  6. Czarna Dziura Humoru says:

    Can you please make a video on deodorants? I am especially interested in the potassium alum(kind of rock salt which I am using) – is it the same as alumenum? Is it dangerous? Does this claim have any scientific background?
    Thank you for your time 🙂

  7. TheLautik says:

    such weak arguments….." bees pollinate naturally therefore it is ok "3:26 then how come having bees for honey production makes it not ok ACCORDING WITH THAT ARGUMENT if it is what bees naturally do?

  8. Cathy says:

    The best thing anyone can do for the environment is kill themselves, failing that do not procreate.

  9. OmegaFalcon says:

    My brother is so vegan, he killed himself so he doesn't take anymore air away from the poor animals.

  10. Aaron E. says:

    What’s with his hair

  11. ドール ロニーIchi Anime Worx Studio says:

    I like you! It is hard to find a Vegan that doesn't try to shame people who aren't. You are very informative. Thanks

  12. Quantum Chang says:

    Yeah, the air I breathe is also not vegan.

  13. Vam Monaco says:

    Why do you dye your hair black and not your beard? Shit looks weird.

  14. Vandalism oV Veganism says:

    I'd destroy you in a live debate.

  15. Ana Caicedo Macia says:

    Hey Mic, Could you do a video on the alkaline vegan diet or Dr. Sebi's diet, and what the science behind it says? Thank you in advance!

  16. J'aime Sirgany says:

    water based vegan, sober, refugee

  17. J'aime Sirgany says:

    Dude…I need subtitles included, otherwise that red beard don't do nothin for me.

  18. gavin parks says:

    Do please explain what is wrong with artificial insemination of cattle as opposed to use of a bull. You do know that women get artificially inseminated when the need arises too?

  19. thegazette says:

    I actually had someone throw this to me as a "flaw" in veganism. I was all "Bees naturally pollinate plants. Your issue is with their exploitation by the handlers that handle them. Plus, this is way super petty if you are trying to use that as your issue for justifying eating meat." They shut up.

  20. Marina P. says:

    Yep, blood for plant is a real thing. I was working in a butchery and sometime coworker were keeping the blood for their garden. Look like it help plant to grow. Well some plant feed themselves with bugs. And we sell animal poop. The world is not vegan. That doesn't mean that we need to make things worst. Humans don't need animal products in any way. Is not because they are pollution that you need to trow all your shit in the sea though because they are already shit in it.

  21. Emma Rand says:

    We wouldn't be hating on you guys so much if you didn't think you were better that everyone else! That's not all vegans, I realize that, but some of you guys are just really shitty. I'm not vegan, but when I'm able to make better choices, I try my best to go with vegan sustainable options. It's never enough for you guys though. I'm broke af, super depressed, and your community just makes me feel even more shitty about myself. I apologize for the rant, but humans aren't gonna improve if you continue to tell us how shitty we are! We get it, we're all garbage. You don't get someone to join your cause by telling us that!

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