Awesome Cooking: Fried Sweet Potato With Sesame Recipe – Cook & Eating Food Show

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Hi Guy today i want to show you about Awesome Cooking: Fried Sweet Potato With Sesame Recipe – Cook & Eating Food Show
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21 Responses

  1. Debbie Goble says:

    Not a sweet potato. Now this video is good one she is real.

  2. Kana Gghjj says:


  3. Frances Brooks says:

    let me help

  4. Zeneida Ramirez says:

    Me encantó estas papas, se ven deliciosas

  5. Lelly Fauziah says:

    i think that is konja in indonesia called UWI, the ingredient for konja flour

  6. Md Kaif says:

    This sweet potato is big . I am first time seeing this

  7. Phidelis Wairimu says:

    yam not sweatpotote

  8. Biju Melathuparambil says:

    Kaavathu alle ithu

  9. rein says:

    parang ang sarap.. magawa nga. thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. طكه ونص says:

    اش هاااااااذاااا

  11. Paola Alexandra Araya Araya says:

    Tremenda papa.

  12. Pallavi Pandit says:

    It is not sweet potato it is called yam!!!!

  13. Phumno Mongsawaeng says:


  14. Tube Unique SkilL says:

    i often support you and also love your vids. now im new creator just leave me your subs. thanks

  15. Jon Jon says:

    That is the biggest purple yam I have ever seen. I wonder how many years it took to get that big?

  16. Mary Grace Platon says:

    Dis is not sweet potato, i think dis is PURPLE YAM

  17. Emperatriz Hernandez says:

    Saludos desde Colombia, pero por favor debieran colocar el nombre también en español,como lo hacen muchos q suben videos o tiene sus canales en Youtube…. gracias.

  18. Arichu Limz says:

    In Yimchungrü Nagaland India tat sweet potato is called rhü

  19. sherry andall says:

    The colour is so beautiful

  20. Melley Matthews says:

    In my country we call it red yam.

  21. Raven Gargamel says:

    0:35 I haven't ever seen so big a Ginger !!! :-()

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