Azomite Organic Growing Explained

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Hi I’m Ryan here at the Grow Show talking about Azomite which stands for A to Z of Minerals including trace elements. What is Azomite? Azomite is a mineral product that is mined in Utah from deposits left from an ancient volcano in a nearby lake bed. The combiunation of volcanic ash and lake minerals make this deposit the only one in the world. Its 30 million years old. Rollin Anderson discovered this. The pink dust was producing larger crops that was found near the lake bed. After lab testing showed that it contains over 70 essential Minerals and trace elements that the National Research council considers essential. Chemically speaking, Azomite is a hydrated sodium calcium alluminum sillicate. It is available in slow release and grainulated. You can pick up a 44 pound bag of Azomite here at the Grow Show in Michigan.

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14 Responses

  1. CarbonQuellist says:

    So like, if a dude sees OTHER dudes already using something, he didn't discover it. Lmao.

    Very informational otherwise.

  2. Symbiotic Grow says:

    Absolutely sad.
    It makes you wonder how much generational fortune and wealth was actually stolen.

  3. Ashley Sabattis says:

    Isn't that funny!!! It was discovered first by the native Americans (not) Rollin Anderson but who gets all the credit because he was the first to exploit it. Typical!!!

  4. G Chambers says:

    Thanks for this, dude.


    I appreciate your video .Freedom on!

  6. gk k says:

    so %65 is just sand? wow 

  7. TheKnowledgeThurst says:


  8. JDye89 says:

    LOVE this stuff. sprinkled a little on my cucumbers and they GREW crazy big in a just a couple days!

  9. Gypsy Jiver says:

    I'm sorry man not to be fickle here but native Americans discovered Azomite and Rollin Anderson introduced it to westerners. 😉 Peace!

  10. Ivan Belen says:

    This guy looks like he grows too much weed with azomite

  11. Ed says:

    GREAT STUFF. It is nontoxic but like any heavy mineral you don't want to breath it a bunch. It works even on your front yard grass. Plants respond to it. If anyone grows wheatgrass Its a must to have. it adds all the good minerals that our bodies need. but mostly makes happy plants.

  12. kay moua says:

    I like your vids it,s great show Thank you so much.

  13. Susan D. Booker says:

    Azomite is nontoxic and feed to some livestock, some do a cleanse with Azomite but not sure about the effectiveness, they say it works. Find this product locally or you'll be paying more for shipping than the cost of the item.

  14. TheChristWithin says:

    Can humans cusume 1 teaspoon of this internally as some sort of vitimin?

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