Baby Slugs Hatching inside a Wall… Up Close! | BBC Earth

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The dampness inside the wall protect slug eggs, which leads to a spectacular birth.
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26 Responses


    Big Black Cock Earth

  2. PRO x NOOB says:

    It's the circle of life

  3. Regitu Aotupat says:

    Mmm lunch

  4. Rusli Dharmawan says:

    that's like Aliens

  5. mohmo970 says:

    Tsunade's pet

  6. Conor Smith says:

    Why do slugs even exist?

  7. Conor Smith says:

    Oh god those sound effects. They could fit in hollow knight nicely

  8. ⓓⓐⓡⓡ says:

    Why the sound effects

  9. MoistiiBoii says:

    I thought he said a damp granny XD

  10. J Mika says:

    Aww! So much cuter than scary kittens

  11. Mohammed Abdenacer MERBOUTI says:

    I guess everything is cute when being newly born

  12. James Benton Ticer says:

    I love the filming but the over done sound effects are just silly. The out of place sounds just make it corny.

  13. rowzeeistyra says:

    I despise slugs and snails so idk why im watching this

  14. chairshoe81 says:

    that voice

  15. Sudev Kumar says:

    what series is this ?

  16. 43damian says:

    Anyone know how to find the song used?

  17. gudeh182 says:

    Why not turn on close captions on videos? I want to show some to a non-English speaker.

  18. Jesus Crist says:

    Imagine coming that far just to get covered in salt..

  19. nigel R says:

    Where’s Big Daves Narrating ?

  20. Pluto B says:

    Ayyyyy çıldırcam çok güzel

  21. Shinku Shine F says:

    So what is the best cook method for them?


    I collected 1000 slugs (video to prove it) from my garden. I put them in a bucket with holes in the lid for air but they must have covered all the holes with there own slime and blocked them all. They all died, tuned to mush and got added to the compost. Dead slugs and snails make a great plant feed to.

  23. AdamatrixPlays says:

    Why aren't there more people commenting on the fact that this sounds nothing like David?
    Is he alright?

  24. solrac angeles says:

    mouth watering damn….you made me feel hungry.

  25. Hailey Terminal says:

    The circle of life never ceases to amaze me…

  26. Elaine says:

    I am nauseated by slugs, but these little babies were cute. My only criticism is the sound effects in this video. Really? It's a little over-the-top, don't you think? Slugs don't make that kind of sound that is so ridiculously audible.

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