Back To Eden Garden Full Tour 7-17-16 L2Survive with Thatnub

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This is the July 17, 2016 Back to Eden garden tour at Paul Gautschi’s house. He talks about sequoia, apple, fig, cherry, ginkgo, plumb and other trees. He talks about his rhododendron, hydrangea, raspberry, barberry, blueberry bushes. He talks about grapes, strawberries kale, Holland greens, Swiss chard, carrots, asparagus, onions, cabbage, potatoes, squash, broccoli, beets, thyme, lemon balm, sage, wasabi celery Saint John’s wart. He covers all kinds of critters like dogs, chickens, maggots, rabbits, cows, horses, sheep, pests, insects, moths, slugs

Other important topics include soil ph, nitrogen tie up, nutrient dense food, his diet, pulling weeds, watering a Back to Eden garden, insecticides, GMO corn, illness, cells in the body, dead food, compost soil from the chicken pen, how woodchips work, compost tea, eating meat, protein, calcium, eggs, mulch, extending plantings, pruning tools, outhouse, the hand pump for his well, how men are weaker than the last generation, wood heat, Joel Wallach books, minerals, wood ash and how he pants his garden, how the Back To Eden Film documentary came to be. He also talks about getting woodchips, donating food and enzymes. 7.o pH, acidic and alkaline plants growing side by side, sampling, blueberries and lavender growing in the same space, taking care of a pasture, rebuilding soil, digging in his dirt, his septic and drain field

Links To Items Paul Talks About
Felco #8 Hand Pruners
Samurai Saw GCM-330-MH
Samurai Replacement Blade Only
Buy Back To Eden Film
Watch Back To Eden Film
Biography about Paul on Kindle Dead Doctors Don’t Lie The Agebeaters and Their Universal Currency for Immortality by Joel Wallach

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25 Responses

  1. John Dozier says:

    "Everything they teach us is wrong" Making statements like that is how cults begin. Look it up. I mean hey some great info but let's not get carried away. They have great orthopedic surgeons that can replace your hips or knees whichever is causing your need for a cane and you can walk pain free again. I had both of my hips done. I would be in a wheelchair if not for the highly educated surgeons that repaired my hips. Or you can wait for God to fix it.

  2. Indus Valley Civilization says:

    wow what a lovely garden

  3. duke1duke1 says:

    Could cedar wood chips be used? One of my cedar trees fell down in a storm

  4. Stephen G says:

    whoa,jst watched some of this.this fuckin guy is crazy as shit,giving credit to his invisible friend every 20 seconds.nutcase

  5. Cecillia Whiunui says:


  6. JOSE Velazquez says:

    He's so right about school look at the most successful people they don't really have had a good education interest instead they did it their way and they succeeded a school won't teach you how to maintain a good life instead it just your time and also money if you decide to pay for a " good" school like he said their neighbors are very well educated most educated only because of a paper but yet their real knowledge isn't as wise as this man

  7. TilDeath1776 US says:

    When first growing in fresh wood ships. You will need to add a small amount of pottingsoils and a tablespoon of 10-10-10 fertilizer. Or you need to add compost Snd a lot. If not u will grow nothing

  8. Tahoe Tom says:

    Poor guy needs a chiropractor.

  9. Zeljko Trifunovic says:

    Praise of God is beautiful………
    So why is this congregation living a worldly sinful life that has nothing to do with Christianity ?

  10. International Director says:

    This is awesome how God created nature wholistic no need for fertilizer. God bless you Paul.

  11. Tim Cote says:

    "You could grow anything in here"
    "Yep , You should see my garden in the back 😉 "

  12. RON lamphere says:


  13. Jeanne Manzella says:

    Merry Christmas

  14. David Cole says:

    Lore van cleef

  15. 巨人の肩 says:

    he's right,
    but not quite.

  16. and seraf says:

    Thank you

  17. Coral Byrne says:

    We would love to know what wood chips you used please

  18. The Crypto Type says:

    7:40 he is speaking the truth. took me many years to find out the hard way.

  19. Stephen G says:

    whats his physical deal? anyone know?

  20. tom kehl says:

    12-02-2018 🙂 good youtube

  21. Russianvids says:

    This man is awesome. He speaks the truth. BTW, we been lied to about everything. We are not monkeys living on a spinning ball. We live on a flat stationary earth. Antarctica is not underneath us! Antarctica is a 360 ice wall that holds the oceans in. God bless!

    "He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end." -Job 26:10

  22. Stephanie says:

    I have to take issue with a few things. I too am in western Washington, I have 2 producing fig trees in my yard. We also live amongst several wineries that grow grapes right here. Stating that figs and grapes "don't grow here" is seriously inaccurate. Also fir trees and pine trees aren't necessarily the same thing.

  23. adidonek says:

    I just want to point out that wood chips for most of small scale gardener’s are absolutely not free and it is a lot of time and effort to bring them to the desired location. They do work like magic though 🙂 Also, not everyone has room or time for chickens, some are vegan…

  24. Muema Musyoka says:

    Who tills the forest?

  25. Muema Musyoka says:

    Wow this is what i like.We try to go against nature and this is why we are living a striving life!!!

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