Back To Eden Gardening Method EXPLAINED

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This is an Excerpt from The Back to Eden film (
The BTE method is very well explained here In the video. Enjoy

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Update 01/11/2018:
While I do endorse Paul Gautschi’s method of sustainability, I do not endorse his religious beliefs (hence, “Back to Eden”). It is true that nature “knows” best (in the sense that it just does whatever the frick it does), so why not mimic its way of being? If nature sustains itself, don’t destory it, mimic it–sustain it dammit!!

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  1. sandra burke says:

    Very well explained

  2. Maria DeArman says:

    Now, I'm not afraid to plant =) Thank you for sharing =)

  3. darrenbetts2987 says:

    Did you wet the news paper?

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