Back Yard organic food and tilapia production system

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For more info contact us at [email protected] This system is designed for the novice gardener whom wishes to produce organic vegetables in a small space. The set up cost is unsurpassed in the industry at less than 600.00. The 200 gallon fish trough houses up to 75 pounds of tilapia. The tilapia produce a toxic form of nitrogen which gets composted to non toxic nitrates when it passes through the home made biological reactor. Plants love this stabilized form of nitrogen. The bio reactor is constructed using recycled cut up plastic media that is easily available everywhere. The system has a digital timer which controls a small irrigation pump that doses the nutrient enriched tank water to the plant sites. Removing this water from the system reduces summer water temps and assist in preventing nitrogen build up in the culture water that is believed to cause a off, earthy, or wild flavor in the fish. This system will support nine 3 gallon plant sites with no fertilizer, no excavating, and no weeds. This system can be connected to a chlorinated city water supply via garden hose and is completely automatic. All you have to do is feed the fish!
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8 Responses

  1. buckstarchaser says:

    Which part, if any, of this system do you consider "organic" or is using any accepted organic farming practices? Also, have you applied for and been inspected for a USDA or other organic certification?

    I've not yet heard of a fish farm that has been officially considered as organic, and the generally accepted concept of organic farming is fundamentally incompatible with a mechanical fish tank. I'm curious if you have a more in depth knowledge of organic fish farming that is otherwise unknown.

  2. MrJock0 says:

    do you sell the fish? and if you do how much per fish? just wandering

  3. TilapiaFarmer says:

    LOL, the power is running around 40 bucks a month, we will feed each fish around $1.20 USD of fish food to get

  4. TilapiaFarmer says:

    The pump runs all the time

  5. davicoolio says:

    How many hours per day do you need to run the pump?

  6. TilapiaFarmer says:

    @ladyyaga1 We are running a 20 watt water pump and a 25 watt air pump. We also harvested 70 pounds of tilapia in one summer garden season while organically fertilizing the nine soil sites. these plants grew in record time. Check out the time loop of this project I have posted on facebook.

  7. TilapiaFarmer says:

    that is a good question but the answer is no. first of all plastics are not chemicals. its the form lubricants that make plastics dangerous. we just use food grade plastics. thanks for your comment.

  8. BananaJSSI says:

    Very nice!

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