Backyard Food Forest Update: Cucumbers are Sprouting | Garden Vlog #10

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Backyard Food Forest Update: Cucumbers are sprouting. In today’s garden vlog, I take your around our permaculture food forest for a food forest tour. Our food forest garden is in a food forest louisiana, Lafayette to be more precise.

Our family is growing your own food by establishing a permaculture food forest in our backyard for a backyard food forest which is a polyculture vegetable garden. In the past week we planted a lot of cucumbers and the cucumbers are sprouting in the food forest. We are growing food in our garden of eden gardening method.

We are very excited about our louisiana gardening and we hope that we are inspiring you to start growing your own vegetables any way that you can. Whether you are establishing a food forest or simply doing container plants, what’s most important is that you are learning how to be more sustainable on the land that you already have.

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  1. mona mona says:

    looks to me that your tomatoes need nitrogen…

  2. blaine liebnow says:

    Happy Easter

  3. Radical Fox says:

    He’s getting so big

  4. mario Kane says:

    how long will it take for the Watermelon to Grow ?

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