Beautiful 1-Acre Small Scale Permaculture Farm – Limestone Permaculture Farm

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A tour of Limestone Permaculture Farm in New South Wales, Australia. Brett Cooper manages the 1-acre property as a productive farm helping to feed around 50 families. The tour includes a look at the orchard, caravan farm gate, chicken and duck areas, and shade house, and Brett talks about what brought him and his family to this complete change of lifestyle – in which they are thriving.


Limestone Permaculture Farm:

Music by Craig Kemp

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30 Responses

  1. Matt Thompson says:

    Simply awesome. I'm about to start from scratch and I've never felt more invigorated. So inspirational.

  2. Nazish Shah says:

    Beautiful Work! Brilliant Job. May Allah Bless You for all you are doing. Amen

  3. oou oou says:

    thanks you this is beautiful farm

  4. R V S vasudha says:

    I have mine a small garden on my terrace

  5. Savitha Naveen says:

    This guy should watch this video

  6. Kolap Yellow says:


  7. Andrew Holz says:

    What an amazing accomplishment!! One of the many necessary steps to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, improper water use, and providing people with the clean and nutritious food their great grandparents ate!

    I'd love to see countless of these 50+ family feeding local farms near me within the next decade!

    All by myself and with few funds, I've implemented a 20'x20' vegetable garden in my parents back yard while working 20+ hrs a week at a rigorous engineering job and completing my senior year in civil engineering school.

    What he said is soo true, simple trial/error, some youtubing, and purserverence is all this takes to garden/farm like a pro!!!

    I love coming home after a hard day of work and tending the plants that give me and my family so much nutritious food. Its extremely therapeutic and works wonders for my mind.

    Nature wants to work with us 🙂 let's all take charge and start planting vegetables and trees everywhere. today!!! 🙂

  8. Alec Segal says:

    I know it's a lot of work, and to see it through a YouTube video is kind of to not see all the hard work that goes into it, but your farm is gorgeous and you seem to live a super connected and beautiful life. Thanks for doing what you do.

  9. Bobby Fallon says:

    Amazing. Didn't quite catch what kind of chicken you said is the best for eggs?

  10. Hanora Brennan says:

    Did you know the lovely pat GaRnett in Newcastle. She would be very enraptured with all this. Will send it on for her perusal

  11. Hilton Roberts says:

    Back to the Land!

  12. abhinash kumar says:

    land is look like more than 1 acre

  13. Fruit Fuels Freedom Jason Kvestad says:

    Four years ago friends and I started a permaculture fruit farm vegan community. It’s going well,

  14. Bobbi West says:

    Beautiful farm. Take care.

  15. Rita Richardson says:

    Wonderful video. Beautiful property.

  16. Mama Rana says:

    That's a MAN right there!

  17. Arturas P says:

    What?! there are foxes in Australia?? 😮

  18. Home Grown Veg says:

    Hello Jordan. Can I claim this as permaculture?

  19. Rufaan de Bruyn says:

    Good on ya mate!

  20. kim eng blue says:

    So beautiful fell like i miss my house .

  21. Kevin says:

    great video many thanks

  22. Mildred Martinez says:

    Another wonderful homestead.  They have really done an amazing job in planning and carry out a productive homestead.  Love the RV stall.

  23. Hazzard0 says:

    Russell Crowe

  24. Ramarha and Raven says:

    i want to start this. i have a small herb garden but if ever i have money to buy a farm i would def. do these

  25. Natural Insomnia and Tinnitus Relief says:

    Live the change you want to see in the world.

  26. Pat Törngren says:

    Permaculture is starting to catch on in South Africa. Because we have so little water, farms have to be a bit bigger — 5 hectares would be ideal in the better areas. It would be interesting to know how it would work on our large stretches of semi-desert (aka Karoo) where in places it takes about 7 hectares to raise one goat and trees have to be watered for years till their roots are able to reach any underground water. Digging a pipe deep into the ground for watering can help get trees to send their roots down deep instead of being dependent on water from above.

  27. Prophito says:

    My interest in permaculture farming is rooted in money. I just want to cut my cost of living as much as possible and this looks like the best way to do that. Being nice to the planet is great and all, but I'm going to take care of my family first. Not that i think those are mutually exclusive either, just that I'd like to hear more about the costs and profits of some of these farms. Beautiful video and very informative. Thank you for your hard work.

  28. maunder01 says:

    what an inspiration! how blessed his wife is!!

  29. TM vines says:

    How much do u earn per month?

  30. Nathan Conkey says:

    82 people gave this a thumbs down…

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