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I am very excited to introduce you to my friend and colleague Nikki DeRoest. She is a LA based Makeup Artist and super talented. We met recently at a Makeup event and instantly clicked and I immediately asked her to come and shoot a video with me. She is not only gorgeous but also super sweet and very talented and I think that she is going to be major!!!!!!!

You can find Nikki:

Here is a link to Nikki’s Review on the Led light

Here is a video of Nikki doing her hair

Here is a link to Elissa Goodman’s tonic drink:

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Monika’s nail color: Essie Gel Couture spiked with Style –

Nikki’s nail color: OPI Gel “Schnaps out of it”

Nikki’s favorite Products:
Lunata wireless flat iron –
Origins Hello Calm Mask –
Bare Minerals SkinLongevity Mask –
NUD organic biologique paleo vegan gluten free crisps –
Genuine bass hair brush –
LED light Celluma pro –

Monika’s favorite Products:
Huda Beauty precious stones eyeshadows –
Tammy Fender quintessential Serum –
Tonic drink by Elissa Goodman –
Lemonhead space paste glitters –
The Row bag – Double Circle small leather tote –

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10 Responses

  1. luckyDancer100 says:

    Her hair looks nice but why do you need a straightener for that? That seems like a style you could easily achieve with just braids or something.

  2. sharifa says:

    Monika you look absolutely gorgeous specially with that lip color. You just proof that a women can get more beautiful with age. Miss your tutorials but really enjoyed the conversation with Nikki.

  3. kindofpurple22 says:

    Nikki mentioned Koh Gen Do color match with your help. Can you say what color it was?

  4. lulupop100 says:

    Monika you look great! Where is the necklace from? TIA

  5. da_ls says:

    Love your videos but wish the audio was a little louder.

  6. Joey says:

    My two faves. I'd give my left arm for one of you to do my makeup!!! You both are gorge.

  7. Amy Daisy says:

    A $353 serum for one ounce. I don't know many people that can drop that.

  8. Tim Hendson says:

    Could you please have Mary Phillips on? To do a makeup look. Also Mario Kim Kardashian may artist

  9. Adele Elzinga says:

    Your top is just stunning- you look amazing too.

  10. sharoi says:

    Monica you look great! Beautiful tan & makeup. We missed you!

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