Ben Garrison Interview: Breaking Political Censor Police on the loose!

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Ben Garrison

What can you say about this talented individual? It is a day in age where art is put into a politically correct chamber of fake news and comes out in our media colluding factions as one of the following:

1. Race card 2. Liberalism judgments 3. If you are white and talented your a target of liberals 4. If you tell the truth about democratic party corruption, your targeted 5.Deep state factions target you
I could go on and on. What kind of country do you want? Do you want a country that pays no attention to the republic it is? Do you something liberals call democracy?

Well that is just an open door to a anyone who does best convincing their masses , then the rest have to follow ? No! We are a republic! The sad part is democrats and the globalist factions have had hold on media for decades and have convinced enough people that the republic means nothing. They do not even teach it in our schools. They took the pledge out….which is beyond me because if I had kids in school these days they would have been pulled out! Period.
Unit people stop paying $150 to see an NFL game, and buy a $10 beer well I guess the NFL will keep profiting. Until enough people understand what a republic is we will continue to suffer the consequences.
What are the consequences? Lack of knowledge is what will diminish an entire group of people the Bible says, and I believe it!
I would encourage you to study these cartoons that this talented man and his wife have published. There are things to learn. But most will not because they have been hypnotized. They have been intentionally not taught what a “REPUBLIC” is in school now days, they are taught democracy and that is not America. Yet here we are listening to a DNC and GOP which should not even have been created in this country, they are frauds. Any country that excludes God will suffer. That is historical fact. So thanks to liberals who do not teach what a republic is for their own control over you…here we are fighting about the dumbest things. A republic is build on the people and the representatives. One people and one groups of representatives. We work together to build a bright future. But most think the two parties are government. NO THEY ARE BUSINESSES. Prove me wrong.

Ben Garrison was one of the most interesting people I have ever had the pleasure have interviewed on my show INFOWIND. . Please support and share his work and this link. He is an artist, but he is much more than that! Reach out to him at the links below!

God bless Ben and his continued protection from PC police and the crazy democratic party zombies. What a wonderful talented artist , he should be so loved by the freedom loving Americans.

Ben has written some books as well, he is full of insight and educated about the republic so you could learn a thing or two. See the links below. They are on Amazon or you can go through his web site. All links below.

Written by Joe Charter

(Special thanks to Chip Peterson for conducting the interview and reaching out to Ben for an interview)

Ben’s Web site

Follow Ben on Twitter

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4 Responses

  1. MegaShockwave222 says:

    Anybody that knows anything about Conservative/Republican politics has most likely seen a Ben Garrison political cartoon. He's the best! I had a big FB political page with 1.8 million fans (until FascistBook deleted it) that we'd share Ben Garrison cartoons to as well. People love them because he's spot on! He exposes the phony liberals for who they really are. Also, Military Grade Coffee is AWESOME! I drink it every day…

  2. Chad Simmons says:

    My first political cartoon i studied in school was from the 1970's about Jimmy Carter with a coat hanger, in his mouth, that kept him smiling 24/7, i love Ben Garrison stuff posted on Gab (good-upload)

  3. Breeze Luvr says:

    @INFOWIND New news and commentary
    ~ Great interview. Really enjoyed it. Congratulations on your new Conservative channel ~ it certainly IS needed. Wishing you much success!!!

  4. Roxanne Koller says:

    Right on the Money Mr. Garrison!

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