Benefits of having a beard

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We dive deep into the benefits and drawbacks of having a beard. Especialy in the harsh weather of Alaska on a off grid homestead.

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25 Responses

  1. Alexander Luthor says:

    The bearded struggle is real beard brother.

  2. Seandei says:

    Love your beard . Beards are cool I as well fancy wearing mine.

  3. Cptex71 says:

    You had the wife in stitches. lol

  4. Home In The Sticks says:

    Lol enjoyed this one brother but ol Dan still puts the razor to his face every mornin lol!! Heck I can't even grow a beard, a razor last me for months!! Carry on brother!! Dan

  5. Scott Maschino says:

    Once again, nothing but laughs!

  6. Elizabeth Johns says:

    I Love beards my husband who is 75 has a full glorious beard as well. At one point he looked like the ZZTop guy. He let his beard grow almost to his waist and he even had a pony tail. I’ve seen him without it two times now, one of the times was because he had to have surgery and they told him it had to go so the oxygen mask would fit correctly on his face. I don’t think he will ever shave it off again. Take care stay warm.

  7. Kara Kemper says:

    Awesome you guys. Laughed so hard. The husband rocks a nice beard so we can agree on soo many of your points. Crotch hairs. …still laughing.

  8. Rustic By Nature says:

    Funny stuff.

  9. lastfanstanding999 says:

    if i were you guys i would be working sonny-boy's butt into the ground… lol

    chopping wood, working on the house, (the siding, moving the stairs) and if all that gets done

    then we can start on the addition !!!

    and after work we go fishing on the beach or out in the boat as were talking about where to build the dock,
    were we
    can have something to fish off of !!! yeah family time lol 😀

  10. CB's Greenhouse and Garden says:

    It's to keep our faces warm and for me to cover up my ugliness. LMBO. Hey that's our snacks for later!!. You 3 are a hoot! I am still laughing with y'all. Great Wood Stove Wednesday folks!

  11. Simple Living Alaska says:

    My wife complains everytime I try to grow a beard… But hey glad you like the chocolate! Looking forward to the collaboration videos!

  12. joe cucch says:

    You don't want to do too much Gallagher stuff because smashing watermelons with big mallets is addictive and in Alaska very expensive. Good manly beard by the way. I just have a forty year old stash and it turned white somewhere between fifty and sixty.

  13. Charles Gandee says:

    Ha brother I’m still giggling about the beard . That was freakin hilarious. You 3 made my evening . My wife and I were cracking up. Yea I deal with the beard jokes all the time. Being a Tool and Die maker I get the hot steel chips all the time ,it’s like a pre party for a goof dance because when you smell the hair burning you know your about to get the crap burnt out of you .You find them hot suckers real quick. One along the same lines was when my daughters were little girls they used to belly laugh so hard at my dad because he has a hairy chest and when he ate popcorn he would have it stuck all in his chest hair . Well then the girls made it a game when they figured out they could throw it at him and it would stick . Oh man good times and the simple things in life that seem so small that mean so much . Thanks again for the laughs. Take care you guys until next time my friend and safe travels to your son on his return to school. Keep it real !!!

  14. Triumph Screen Printing says:

    Cool stories Bro!
    I will probably let it go when I get up there too… I see that Wrangell was 12 degrees
    all day yesterday! Awesome Wood Stove Wednesday as always. TFS and take care!

  15. 50 Acres & a Cabin says:

    Your beard is Gloooooooorious!

  16. Marti Doyle says:

    For the first 46 years after coming home from the U.S. Army I shaved. Now I have a full snow white beard and lots of places I go folks make comments about the Santa Claus look. A red sweatshirt and children love it even in July.

  17. Mark says:

    Great wood stove Wednesday! Gunner made it also!. Take care.

  18. M.D. Steele says:

    All the hair on the top of your head migrated South to your chin for the winter

  19. Jim Woods says:

    Enjoy the rest of the time you have with your boy hope y'all have fun and make lasting memories.

  20. R G Homestead says:

    I had to shaved for the vast majority of my life and I got tired of doing it so that why I have a beard thanks for posting and have a great day see you next time

  21. Thomas Schauss says:

    Man bun's are just to wierd

  22. Thomas Schauss says:

    Honest Amish is great, I use the balm and the oil

  23. Thomas Schauss says:

    A beard is also a food saver, or when you get enough on it just dip it in a small pan of hot water and you got broth …lol

  24. Jim Woods says:

    Love Gallagher

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