Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products of 2017 & Dear Diary – Over 60

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1:50 TimeStamp -Reviews Begin – My Favorite Skin Care Products of 2017. I am 63 and finding good products for my skin is my passion. I go through my favorite cleansers, serums and creams. I talk about exfoliation and explain why I think it’s so important to find products you love. I talk about my research in finding the best Bee Venom cream and my very favorite facial oils, Rosehip Seed oil and Argan oil. I also give you an update on my dog ( I feel he is our dog!) DESI! I also talk about learning to trust ourselves and breaking away from preconceived notions that we will fail in my Dear Diary section. I love you with all my heart…I had a really busy week and I apologize if my video is not quite as polished as I could make it, but I so wanted to say hello to you all and give you an update!
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This is not a sponsored video. I bought all products with my own money. I Do not Use professional lighting or Filters of Any Kind in my Videos. I have not had any cosmetic procedures done to my face. No filler, Botox or tuck of any kind. I will be 63 on January 29th …what you see is pretty much lipstick and prayers.

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Products Shown –
1.Cleanser: – COSMEDIX – – $27.00
2. Rosehip Seed Oil – Aura Cassia – – $10.90
3. Argan Oil - $10.00
4. Del Organics Youth Rival Serum with Tea Tree & 20% Vitamin C – $22.50
5. Bee Venom Cream from Manuka Lane – (Excellent) – $19.95
6. AHA Cream For Exfoliation – $24.00 but $12.00 at Walgreens
7. Derma E – Sea Salt Scrub – $26.00
8. Castor Oil for beautiful skin around your eyes!-
9. Acure Organics, Radical Resurfacing Treatment, Lemon Probiotic + Poet’s Daffodil Stem Cell – $18.00 –
10: Help with Eye Puffiness – Vital Actives C Serum with Castor Oil –
My Makeup:
1. Primer – Chic & Sassy BB Cream ( $1.00 at Dollar Tree)
2. ~Foundation: L’Oreal -Total Cover –
3. Concealer: ShapeTape – $34.00 –
4. Blush – CYO –Palette – $5.00
5. Bronzer – Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer Murumuru Butter Bronzer ( smells like the beach!)
6. Eye Shadow – Face & Eye Palette Physicians Formula – – $13.00
California Dreaming Plaette for Dear Diary Segment –
7. High Lighter – Essence Face & Eye Palette – $5.00
8. Lipstick – CoverGirl #275 – $5.94
9. Essence Fiber Mascara- $5.00
10. Setting Powder – Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder – $12.99
11. Rosewater Setting Spray – $14.72
My Vlogging Camera- Canon PS SX60 – with shot-gun mic
Main Camera – Canon Rebel T6 –
Editor: Windows Movie Maker – Yes, really. It makes you a better camera person!
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12 Responses

  1. Sandy Rogers says:

    I'm a new suscriber and I've been binge watching all of your videos…I already feel like we are old friends. Watching Desi run down the hallway with his leash trailing behind is the cutest thing ever!

  2. Lady Pip says:

    I decided to give the AHA cream from Walgreens a try and wow! I was amazed at the way my skin felt. I thought that the L’Oréal toner reduced my pores, but this cream made them shrink far more with the very first application. I love watching your videos Susan, they’re so beautiful, so artistic, so…. I don’t know, just so real. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us. Thank you for feeling like a real friend! Sending love.

  3. Светлана Яковалева says:

    Hello, this method seems to be very tough, there is a very easy method. Visit google and search: "Blast4beauty". You will get lot of new ideas to increase your beauty.

  4. Julie Muniz says:

    Susan, would you be kind to tell me what instrumental song is this at 1:04?
    By the way, I am in love with you album (I love "Open Road"). I am trying this area too (singer/songwriter) but the process is very long and confusing to me, I mean, to make a album like you did, I started my career 1 year ago. Would be lovely if you could make a video telling us about your career, your inspirations, telling how you could do it, etc. I admire you so much, I hope I can be a woman and a professional like you in the future. Xoxo.

  5. Julie Muniz says:

    "People don't hate each other, they just don't understand each other. Walk a couple miles N somebody else's shoes". So true. Please, dear Susan, make a video just about oils, explaining the oils you use, what they are good for and showing us how u use them, It would be so useful. And just correcting you, the brand name is Shea Moisture, not Shea Mountain. Thanks for the lovely video, I send love to you and Desi. Xoxo.

  6. Kendy Jane Beauty says:

    The beginning of your video is like a work of art. It was just so beautiful I have tears in my eyes. I hope you understand what I mean. The softness of your voice, what you were saying and the music just went so well together. I love the content that you tubers create!!!! I also enjoyed hearing your skin care regimen. I would like to try the rose hip seed oil. Maybe one day I'll add it to mine. Keep up the great work!

  7. All That Beauty With Lori says:

    Hi Susan!!! Always so nice to sit and see you and watch what is new and going on? I am also doing research with the whole Been Venom too, and like you I noticed the same ingredients in them. I am wondering if Bee Venom is just a hype anymore like the 24 K gold, but will find out, I am not sure when my video will be up? As I am still doing a bit more homework, that is what it feels like is homework LOL Aww Desi it will take him awhile but he is in such an amazing home with a wonderful person, you and he are good for one another and helping one another. Oh I know I can't do without my RoseHip and Argan too, funny how I use to be afraid of Oils and now I love them. lol Have a good week love you and kiss for Desi xoxo <3

  8. Deana Wells says:

    That is why you have Desi he teaches you trust and love and you teach him right back … the joy of a dog in your life.

  9. Cheryl Niday says:

    Susan, I can relate to Desi's attitude! I've been divorced 3 times now. I was married for 20 years to my last husband. I know that I live life in a very cautious manner. I hate it! But I guess I haven't healed yet. It's been almost 5 years this time. I hope one day to want to live instead of just exist! I so enjoy your videos! I look forward to them every week! God bless you! OOOXXX!!!

  10. Melinda Argintar says:

    I think I found the last jar of Lanocreme* Bee Venom Cream today! So freaking excited, TJMAXX for $4.99, unbelievable! I’m over the moon! Thanks for your recommendation, I’ve been looking for it ever since I found you, love your sense of humor, beauty & you’re just so cute!

  11. BlingBea Dowdy says:

    I just bought that cream from Walgreens and used it this morning, I left it on for 2 hours. I had no stinging whatsoever and I did see a few nubs when I went to wash it off. Afterwards when I got out of the shower I saw some flaking around my chin area and used a little gommage to help remove it. Then at noon I saw more flaking around the same area. Is this normal? I do use RetinA every other nite. Thank you

  12. Susan DeStefano says:

    Susan, when are you using the poets daffodil? I have a hard time trying to figure out what to use when!

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