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Do a quick show of hands around your immediate circle, and you’ll likely find every woman between the ages of sixteen and sixty battling hair fall on the daily. As our lifestyles grow increasingly complicated, the erratic sleep patterns, lack of consistent nutrition and mounting levels of stress combine together to take a toll on the health of your hair shaft. While it may be easy for your brain to spiral into a doomsday scenario, help is at hand. We brought in beauty blogger Shruti Arjun Anand to aid you in understanding which products actually work in reducing hair loss.#HairFall #Nykaa #ShrutiArjunAnand
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28 Responses

  1. Enchanted_one says:

    You don't need so many products it will just damage your hair shaft so please use less products. Just use castor oil it will stop your hair fall and gives good growth to your hair. And I'm not gonna sit and criticise on how she talks she is a nice lady just respect her for that.

  2. faazers says:

    Hate when its a sponsored review ….. skipped ….

  3. Bhoomika Yadav says:

    Lol I don't know anything , the juicy chemistry mask is a pre shmpoo mask , why will u apply it after washing.. tooo much of drama u guys do for money.. in the name itself it's mentioned padh to Lia kro

  4. hamant kumar says:

    Hi kya jo blow job ya masturbation karte he unko hair fall zada hota hai

  5. Ashmita Gope says:

    The hair oil from kama will it realy help to reduce hair fall


    Damn U R Suuuuuper Cute.

  7. play boy sx says:

    Mam how good are just herbs products..pls reply

  8. Salman Khan Crazy Fan says:

    plz suggest me some spray or serum for protect my hair

  9. Shazia Ambreen says:

    Y you never recommend body shop products….. Thy r the best

  10. Anindita Das says:

    Tresseme is NOT Sulphate free!

  11. pritilopa sahoo says:

    Brighani oil is not for my hair…. Recommend me something else

  12. Shyamli Mittal says:

    Iske videos sponsered hi rhte h hmesha…she is not genuine iske khud k channel me b ye itna hi over krti h i hate her

  13. rn venugopal says:

    I have dry scalp and hairfalll… Can you suggest me a good shampoo please?

  14. Meghna Kumari says:

    I just want to ask that is it necessary to use the same company's shampoo and conditioner??? Because you have shown different company's shampoo and conditioner. Please do reply.. Thanks

  15. Shalini Das says:

    what is the colour of your lipstick??

  16. Miscellaneous N says:

    Important video

  17. NP nivedita says:

    God so confidently she speaks all grammatically incorrect English.. Why not go for hindi or its quite simple learn a bit of English..because you are representing a reputed brand like Nykaa

  18. hishmi jeram says:

    Actually,it wouldn' have been bad..even if she says in Hindi. rather than being uncomfortable in English. !

  19. V.Priyanka V.Priyanka says:

    Ne bondha…..

  20. Aishwarya Sonawane says:

    Cant trust her reviews anymore……only brand advertising

  21. Sayantika Biswas says:

    See… This is Nykaa TV..a purely Indian channel..and 95 % of the viewers understand hindi… Unable to do proper pronounciation is not an why don't the director make them speak in hindi..?!

  22. Sasmita Sahoo says:

    love u shruti

  23. mahima thakur says:

    Guys…. Plz don't blindly trust any youtubers…. Now a days its just only a marketing platform….. Who can spend soo much amount on hair care?????? They only promote brands n make ppl fool

  24. Lee Wei says:

    She needs to learn how to sit properly unintentional show

  25. juveria shairali says:

    What lipstick are you wearing? Do tell me the shade name as well!

  26. Hishan Aneeq says:

    she s a gud beauty adviser. she improved her english a lot. yu all nt undstanding what she saying? Then bhawnaonko Samjho. she s telling very clearly wat to do for hair fall its very helpfull to all thanx shruti

  27. anjana aravind says:


  28. It's coco nut says:

    In India,anyone can become a beauty guru.She doesn't know shit and is ugly.

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