Best Natural Beauty Face Wash Routine

Views:26656|Rating:4.78|View Time:2:12Minutes|Likes:86|Dislikes:4 Does you face wash routine matter? Yes! The way you wash your face is just as important as the face wash products you choose. Natural beauty guru and Living Libations creator Nadine Artemis reveals how to wash your face with essential oils using her organic, hand-crafted Best Skin Ever natural skin care line.

In this video, Nadine debunks the myths about washing your face with oils, and reveals why oil-based face wash is the BEST face wash for oily skin!

You’ll also learn how to exfoliate your face and body with Nadine’s natural skin care routine.

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2 Responses

  1. Nibbler800 says:

    Which oils are in the oil wash and other smaller oil bottle you used please?

  2. Karly Bacci says:

    you are such a divine woman! <3 you inspire me 🙂

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