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Here we go! Pull up a seat and find out what products made the cut this year. Let me know in the comments below what made your list and if you see any of your faves in this video! XOXO ~T

Breaking Beauty Podcast with Jenn Harper of Cheekbone Beauty:

Products mentioned:
-Farmaestethics Almond Blossom Organic Body Wash: caveat here, I’ve never shopped at this site but I did find a less expensive place to get this!
-Live Botanical Body Cream Lavender + Conifers:
-Kahina Oil Cleanser:
-Moss Beurre Celeste:
-*5YINA Grace Autumn Hydrolat:
-Yuripibu Cellum Ampoule:
-*Mun Aknari Brightening Youth Serum:
-*Live Botanical AER First Light Brightening Serum:
-*One Love Organics Skin Dew:
-*Earthwise Beauty Yasuni Face Balm:
-Biossance Squalene + Peptide Eye Gel:
-Honua Moana Mask:
-Cheekbone Beauty Liquid Lipstick in Melina:
-Henne Lip Tint in Bare:
-*Olio e Osso Balm #9:
-Lilah B Sunkissed Bronzer:—b.-sunkissed-US300025119.html
-Lactic Acid (Fave Ingredient)
-TJ’s Yuzu Hot Sauce (FODMAP friendly)

Favorite 2018 IG accounts. Please be respectful if you follow these women. I have learned a lot from them, but they might not be for you.

CJ’s and my K-Beauty video over on his channel. We start talking about the Yuripibu product at 18:34:


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23 Responses

  1. Lauren S. says:

    Happy New Year, Trish! I've been watching your videos since the beginning and I love your casual sit-down-and-chat approach to your videos – it's so refreshing. I'm glad to hear your shoulder recovery is going smoothly. I too love the Lilah B bronzer and purchased it after your glowing (pun intended) recommendation. I've scaled back on my skincare/makeup purchases this past year but my favorite products have been: 1) Mun Akwi Cleanser; 2) Marie Veronique EO Free Oil Cleanser; 3) La Bella Figura Beauty Barbary Fig Seed Oil; 4) Twelve Beauty Brightening Serum; 5) Red Apple Lipstick lip liner in the color Dusty Rose; and 6) Riddle Oil perfume in the scent Sphinx. I'm bummed that I missed out on the December Art of Organic's Twelve Beauty box. Do you know/or can you share if the brand will be featured in an upcoming Boxwalla or other subscription box? Wishing you nothing but peace and happiness in the new year.

  2. Chelsea Satherley says:

    I just found your channel and love it! Subbed and can’t wait to see more! All the best for 2019 ✨

  3. Alma Toledo says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, my products of beauty which may make me faint in absentia of any of them for prolonged period are: Nap in The Meadow (Firms, awakens in the a.m. and the allure of the scent), jasmine sambac hydrosol (Illuminated perfume), Pixi Jasmine oil blend (yes, drugstore or Walmart or Target), Nuxe rêve de miel crème visage (not green, yet aroma is like bees and heaven and lemon chantilly cream), Missha The First Treatment Essence (Finest mist in the Universe and it is an essence!), Hada l
    Labo the toner, the super famous one (Affordable and hydrating -for layering the 3 to 10 skins), Lee Jiham Vita propolis ampoule (Honey!), Pyunkang Yul Moisture ampoule, A-True Black tea fermentation active essence (like a fuzzy warm pajama for a parched skin), the Blue Cocoon [yes, it lasts forever!]. I also loved the geranium oil From Kahina and J.One Jelly Cleanser and 2 Super Aqua toner and serum from Guerlain (Not green). My beloved deodorant Schmidt's Cedarwood and Juniper. I will stop here for now.

  4. Mika M says:

    Happy New Year Trish! I am loving the skin dew and yuzu hot sauce too! So glad to hear you had a wonderful time in Maui!

  5. Alma Toledo says:

    Beautiful dual combination of lip color! Both are gorgeous on you!

  6. Alma Toledo says:

    I adore your video of favorites. I waited patiently for 12 months.

  7. Alma Toledo says:

    Happy New Year, Trish! Your skin is actually very pretty and dewy. Love it!

  8. Modern Green Goddess says:

    Omg I looooooove lactic acid and honua mask is one of my faves of the year

  9. Modern Green Goddess says:

    Yay!!!! I’ve been waiting

  10. - Sismeistere says:

    Thank you again Trish! I just purchased the 5Yina hydrolat. So happy it is one of your favorites! A lot of products to look into! Which ones would you recommend for dry and mature skin? Have a wonderful weekend! x

  11. Leigh Borton says:

    I don’t thumbs up or down videos but I did for this one. Glad to have people sharing what is on their mind and in their soul. There just isn’t enough real dialogue going on in this country. Thumbs up for being true to your beliefs.

  12. Los_feliz says:

    Happy new year! I found Layla Saad and Rachel Cargle through your Instagram this year. Although I’m Afro-Latina, they have both inspired and challenged me. Always love your beauty suggestions as well. Looking forward to your lactic acid lineup review.

  13. TheGreenQueen says:

    I reall y want to try Honua products this year! I also really loved Yasuni, it was one of the best skincare products created this year for sure. Great favorites Trish! Your trip looked so refreshing and wonderful, makes me want to go to Hawaii even more than I did before haha.

  14. Linda C says:

    Happy New Year Trish! Glad to hear you're feeling better from your surgery . I bought Nap in the Meadow & Marshmallow Suds from Earthwise Beauty after a several month absence . Love that stuff. Also loving Mala Apothecary Primavera serum , Hibiscus Rose toner , & Melaleuca serum . I've gone through several bottles of Aloha Youth serum from Honua . Kapua sent me a sample of the Moana mask that I have yet to try. Would love to hear about your other cleansers as well .

  15. mary ann Gonzalez says:

    Hi Trish great video have s wonderful weekend

  16. kateliness2 says:

    LOVE your videos! I agree especially with your brand discoveries. Natural logic and Live Botanical are two of my favorites.
    So glad you had a wonderful time in Maui and Happy New Year!

  17. My Life Wendy says:

    Hi Trish! Happy New Year to you and your family!! I loved watching your favorites!! Your trip to Hawaii sounds amazing!!!

  18. Toni Ann Barandon says:

    Happy New Year, Trish!!

  19. Jillian Lauren Lisitano says:

    Happy New Year Trish! Several of your favorites and descriptions spoke to me. Of course I love Earthwise. In fact, I purchased a deluxe sample of Ava's Black Locust Firming Concentrate and a full size Cistus and Moonlight. LOVE! Happy to hear about your trip and catching up with Jen and Marie. Your family is beautiful!!! OX

  20. Ava Zhan Earthwise Beauty says:

    Such a variety, Trish. Love the many unexpected products in your lineup. Happy New Year!

  21. Sumer Tatum-Clem says:

    I straight up gasped when I saw this was posted! I have perhaps a bad habit of making comments as I watch videos, so please forgive me if I become annoying, but "wheeeeeeee"! 🙂

  22. Onionhead Jones says:

    What skin product did you use on your shoulder while healing ?

  23. Onionhead Jones says:

    I have that Biossance eye gel. I have two to use up before opening . Love Earthwise like crazy … I think the Resiliency serum could replace Hood Genes … I’m using up old products but stopped Good Genes and really see more texture refining Resiliency… I love Balm as well. Cut back on everything for a moment but of course had to keep one. Good video will try Cheekbone beauty.

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