Best of Beauty 2018

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Best of Beauty 2018

*open me* ↓↓↓

HI girls, thanks so much for watching !!!! I hope you enjoyed this video, it was so hard narrowing these products down so the video wasn’t 4 hours long haha Don’t forget to check out Sam, she’s brilliant !!!

Sam’s Channel –

F O L L O W M E •

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15 Responses

  1. Samantha Schuerman says:

    HOLY CRAP! Your blush and highlight is AMAZING! I haven't gotten into the video yet but I just have to comment this right away 🙂 Oh and you're so sweet! Thank you for saying such nice things about me 😉 Love you friend! x

  2. Sherry Haeger says:

    Love your video! Sam sent me – I have been watching her from the time she started. I can't wait to see your success on your channel! Cheers!

  3. Bob and Jude Hulse says:

    I’ve been watching Sam since 2012. I can see why she likes you. You are fun! Can you please list the items by name somewhere. Thank You

  4. Missy Lofton says:

    I absolutely love that Makeup Revolution too. I just bought it. Amazing!!

  5. Missy Lofton says:

    I love Samantha Schuerman also. She sent me to your channel. 🙂

  6. Philomena Kyle says:

    My 3 favorite products would have to be wet n wild mega cushion foundation..precisely my brow by benefit..and fenty beauty gloss bomb..the original one…

  7. Thisgirllikes2shop says:

    Great video Ashley this was so much fun to watch my top 3 new cid highlighter is definitely in there also freshly beauty skin care and pixi blusher

  8. Countreegirl says:

    You know I'm not a makeup person but I love watching you and seeing how excited you get! Just love you!

  9. M Puppybreath says:

    Excellent 'best of" vid! loved it. took notes. lol xo

  10. Nelly Jumper says:

    hello beautiful ….. Happy New Years

  11. Joanne Plans says:

    No fear, when I visit I will fix that palette for you in a jiffy…. LOL Great Favorites video!! For me I would have to say my favorite beauty favorite would have to be the Becca Bronzer I use… like I use that almost every day… Oh and of course probably one of my many many highlighters I got in 2018!!!

  12. Miss Bethy says:

    That must've been so hard to narrow down!! I love that brow pencil too! And omg I can't believe that the palette fell, I would've been gutted.. buuuuut we won't talk about that lol!! Oooo Happy New Year! I hope it's a good one for you and your lovely channel xx

  13. Samantha Schuerman says:

    OMG I completely forgot about that Estee Lauder Night Repair! I used to use it on my mature clients when I did their makeup and it made them look so youthful! This was such a great video! I love your personality and your energy, you are such a gem! xx

  14. Samantha Schuerman says:

    And then a crumble comes out of your broken shadow…. LOL. You make me laugh so hard. Sorry I'm spamming your comment section lol.

  15. Samantha Schuerman says:

    Oh and I love your top!

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