Biggest Dinosaur Ever! Argentinosaurus | Planet Dinosaur | BBC Earth

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John Hurt narrates the facts behind the discovery of huge Argentinosaurus nesting site in modern day Patagonia. Subscribe to BBC Earth:

Narrated by John Hurt Planet Dinosaur tells the stories of the biggest, deadliest and weirdest creatures ever to walk the Earth, using the latest fossil evidence and immersive computer graphics.

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22 Responses

  1. Регина Фамилия says:

    It's weird, but I love to watch little argentinosaurus get killed… and in the childhood I loved to watch some content like this. But I hate animal abuse! Why like this?

  2. Gael Jaime Bernal says:


  3. Albert Einstein says:

    Those poor babies deserved to be dead. Its the function of nature and thus they deserved that.

  4. Super Mario Logan Fan says:

    Amphicoelias is bigger

  5. shemyong2011 says:

    Even when they are just born dinosaurs eat them their life is really short

  6. vey ramadhani says:

    Ya allah, astaggfirullah

  7. JasonProYTuber 2.0 says:

    No vi nada del que pasa weon o se va hacer o no se va a hacer la carnita asada

  8. Jaime Aird says:

    Nooo baby

  9. [GD] Jeonex says:

    I want one

  10. fanos papaioannou says:

    The following link unsubscribe the claims

  11. fanos papaioannou says:


  12. Айнур Сейтмаханова says:

    Мынандаэй мумкын

  13. Marcus Magbanua says:

    I don't like that carnivore,he's killing all the babies and they sound soooo cute

  14. Dahcuesta says:

    Well it isn't bigger then the Amphicoelias

  15. Majenta Gupta says:

    Nice video

  16. Abidur Rahman says:

    Modern World : We've Giraffes
    Jurassic World : We've Argentinosaurus

    Modern World : Hey sis, we're the same let's just ignore the fact.

  17. Gengar [] The ghost Gamer [] says:

    -Skorpiovenator has been banned for Spawn Killing

  18. Stay Win says:


  19. Little Kiwi!! says:

    Poor babies :c I HATE T-REXS

  20. Trinity Limelight says:

    Am i only heard a fortnite theme music

  21. Emely barbato says:

    my son knows a lot about dinosaurs",

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