Bio-Intensive / Probiotic Growing Introduction

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A rather rough first attempt at explaining the core ideas behind probiotic / bio-intensive growing

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4 Responses

  1. Marcus Hudson says:

    Solid explanation and advanced introduction into the next level of cannabis cultivation. Im interested in what other sources u listen to. youtubers.. people.. webistes.. The fatty acid profile and increase in the terpene profile really interests me from a health standpoint. Also the thcv and cb(n?) is huge in understanding about how soil microbes play a large part in that. Thankyou for this video none the less.

  2. Cody L. says:

    loving the info… Keep it coming! I am trying to stray away from commercial standards and work with the stuff God put on the earth.

  3. Kootenay Cannabis says:

    You Sir. Are one smart bugger! Give us more of this! thanks!

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