British Sheep Farming: Living A Farmer’s Life For The Day!

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Welcome to beautiful Gloucestershire in the UK, where I get my first taste of British sheep farming 🐑👩‍🌾🚜 I spend a fantastic day with 22 year old Rollo where he shows me how to live the life of a farmer, muddy wellies and all!

I take the trip from Paddington in London over to an idyllic corner of the Cotswolds to learn more about the sheep farming life – and get my hands dirty! 💦

My tasks for the day included helping to pen in some of the flock to separate out the ewes, checking the health of their teeth and udders, making sure Rollo’s gorgeous two sheep dogs stay hydrated and more. 🐕

I learn loads about how sustainable farming is key to Rollo’s business and some of the methods he uses. 🌱 All that hard work results in some delicious lamb, which also happens to be my favourite meat 😋

And whilst lamb is often associated with Easter, Rollo informs me that it’s actually more readily available in the second half of the year!

And here’s a cracker of a lamb recipe using quick cook and easy to prepare lamb leg steaks, perfect for mid-week meals and in collaboration with #LoveLamb!

If you have any questions about this British sheep farming: living a farmer’s life for the day video, please ask me in a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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  1. One Hungry Asian says:

    Love it! Think you should give it up and go live as a farmer

  2. Touchdown man 58 Denver says:

    That sounds fun

  3. jamie malone says:

    Pure city girl but your far more comfortable there than most its great .

  4. jamie malone says:

    Could he look anymore like an english farmer

  5. AA FARMS says:


  6. sandeep mungase says:

    Can I get a couple of small sheeps, male & female, India maharashtra, pune alandi, devachi

  7. sandeep mungase says:

    I love farming, l like sheep, goats to much

  8. Melissa Daniel says:

    Do more useful videos, I want to watch it

  9. Jannette Wyman says:

    The beautiful video I love the locations it's awesome

  10. Robert Combest says:

    Thanks for the valuable information about sheep.

  11. Bill Goldberg says:

    I like your video so much, keep sharing more

  12. luke osborne says:

    I gonna subscribe your channel share more videos

  13. Henry Schenk says:

    I like sheep they are so cute and friendly

  14. Rachael says:

    I'm so interested to grow the sheep but I have no place.

  15. Elizabeth Santos says:

    Now I knew how to calculate the sheep's age

  16. Patrick Flores says:

    Share more beautiful videos, I'm eager to watch it

  17. Dennis Chin says:

    I like your enthusiasm, keep it up

  18. Catherine Frose says:

    I just remember my childhood days in my hometown

  19. Lily Garnett says:

    I like sheep they are so pleasant and good

  20. Nancy Simmons says:

    A perfect day out with a cute sheep.

  21. Carole Palmer says:

    Wonderful video, I know a lot about the sheep.

  22. Chelsea Johnson says:

    So interesting, do more videos.

  23. Crushmania says:

    can i jerk with your boots?!

  24. FelixOutdoor says:

    Very nice video! I really like your camera movements and the sound mix of the music and your voice. 🙂

  25. Philipp S. says:


  26. Tanyel Kazim says:

    Rollo rocking those mutton chops! Cool video 🙂

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