Building an Aquaponics Wicking Bed | Farming Seattle

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***These lasted about 3 weeks before one got clogged and I just removed the other. See my latest videos for updates.***

Continuing on with my stocktank aquaponics build. Today I finished one of the wicking beds. The bottom layer is lava rock, then 2 inches of perlite & top it off with soil.

The water pipe goes down a drain pipe to the bottom layer. The drain is surrounded by a 1 gallon plastic pot with slits cut in it.

I started sunflower seeds on this, hoping to get some microgreens. I covered the top with plastic to help germinate those.

Website – for plants and compost worms in Seattle.


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  1. Murray Hallam's Practical Aquaponics. says:

    That is not a wicking bed…..sorry.

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