Castor Oil For Intestinal Tract

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30 Responses

  1. Star Blue says:

    Your voice is annoying and hard to listen to. Stop talking like a girl. Use a proper man's voice

  2. hawaiianpunch121 says:

    I took 3 table spoons before bed for the first time. And let's say I am up releasing the flood gates on my butthole..

  3. Jesus Savior says:


  4. colleen situsi says:

    Lol great information thank you


    So informative ❤️

  6. Kimberly Hutchins says:

    We been using this for laxative.

  7. Mason Kissel says:

    Castor oil has been used for centuries for intestinal cleansing and any other medicinal purposes.

  8. Natasha Simon says:


  9. jacek cieniuch says:

    I just spray my pants lol

  10. Barbara Lange says:

    Why so long ?

  11. PaulProust1 says:

    Great talk….articulate and fluid…you will be a terrific doctor!

  12. jhong khrom says:

    your body actions make me wanna punch you in the face.

  13. Ruza329 says:

    You have too much advertisements. Greedy?

  14. Mi'Bria Love says:

    Great video !!

  15. Rashida Davis says:

    Just ordered my caster oil from – can't wait to try it!

  16. tammymarykay1 says:

    Good job

  17. rockinrobin1972 says:

    You're great! You explain everything so well!

  18. Ra Vee says:

    Would have appreciated, if you had let known the directions of use first and the explanation later..

  19. elizabeth madaki says:

    I really liked your energy and mild humor when talking about 'shit'. Very informative and inspiring. Thank you, you are sweet.

  20. KILOWATT21 says:

    The camera is over here.

  21. Melissa Esposito says:

    Thanks for this video! Very informative. I'm incorporating Castor Oil into my parasitic cleanse. Appreciate all the info! Also your eyes look so healthy, I couldn't stop thinking that so I figured I'd share. Peace ✌

  22. Phil Martin says:

    Eri, if you was a teacher you would be the most popular teacher in history love your layman terms and simply wonderful way you get the info across, great video top info well done

  23. Madelyn Bentley says:

    You are my savior

  24. Shaniqua Johnson says:

    What about rejuve naturals brand . It’s not cold pressed but says it’s Hexane free

  25. Debbie Holmes says:

    how do i take it to throw up if ive ingested poison ?

  26. LOMI LOMI Massage,Acupressure & Mens' Health -Toronto- says:

    i still don't know how to use it, all i know that 2 tablespoons is ok. I am sure that there si more to this.

  27. Amanda Ivy says:

    Your awesome!!! Thanks for the friendly speak and the BEST info I've come across yet on cator ( you might not have had to say SHit quite so much, but perhaps its was warranted for the topic…lol) good job man!

  28. Alex Ramirez says:

    Starting off do not take 2 tablespoons

  29. Joana Costa says:

    My bottle is exactly like the one on the thumbnail…it says organic and hexane free, although it also says external use only…so I am really scared to use this. Is it normal? I need some advice about this…I’m not sure whether I should use it or not. Thank you.

  30. Lex Gabrees says:

    So … why does the bottle say : 'For external use only ?' … just asking ..

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