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Hey guys today I wanted to just do a casual skincare routine to what I am doing right now, It’s just very simple and basic and what is working right now really well to make my skin less red and scarred and it seems to really be hydrating my skin!


*Bioderma Sensibio H20

*Reusable Cotton Rounds

*Clinique Foaming Facial Soap

*Tatcha The Essence

*Tatcha Water Cream Moisturizer

*The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil

QUAY Australia Blue Light Glasses – Hardwire

Dr. Rhonda Patrick Joe Rogan Podcasts (3, not 2 like I mentioned)

Dr. Rhonda Patrick YouTube Channel


(I cut all of the fruit in half for amount and make sure to give half of the smoothie to my husband)


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29 Responses

  1. Dayna Stout says:

    I know the blue light glasses were really off the wall, but holy shit, I have been having the worst headaches from working in front of the computer all day. I paused your video and ordered a pair for myself. $15 on amazon. Thank you so much for this info, this was soo important to me.

  2. Rebecca Jane Forbes says:

    You should give face halos a go. They’re washable make up remover pads and they’re incredible. The black pro ones are the best

  3. shy.tack says:

    Do you ever watch Lab Muffin?

  4. Melissa Berardelli says:

    seriously inspired me. I felt the same way – extremely unmotivated and constantly in bed. I would go to work just to come home and get right in bed.
    I was laying there watching this video and i decided it was time for a change so I bought a blender and some fresh fruits and veggies! Time for healthier eating habits to promote a healthy, happy life!

  5. Elena JG says:

    I switched to cleansing oil to reduce the use of cotton rounds. First I tried plain grapeseed oil but because it is an oil I couldn't remove it completely with water. Now I use a proper cleansing oil, which are formulated to emulsify in contact with water so that it goes completely away when I wash my face. I use Etude House Perfect Cleansing Oil and I would totally recommend it!

  6. AK SUN says:

    Love this!! Want to hear more about the smoothies!!

  7. Asha M says:

    Your skin looks so healthy!!

  8. Sarah Peshoff says:

    Yahh I love my reusable cotton rounds! Mine are bamboo and I'm obseesssedd

  9. jamiedanette1 says:

    Love you Kristi! Can't wait to see what you come up for the look! It sounds amazing!

  10. marisaclinton23 says:

    I really loved the way the water cream felt but it broke me out soooo bad omg

  11. Aundrea Palmer says:

    thanks to you kristi I am a La Croix a** b****!!! peach pear is delicious!!

  12. Rox Rox says:

    I love Dr. Rhonda Patrick! If you haven’t already, I’d suggest checking out her instagram. She posts little blurbs about nutrition that blow my mind.

  13. Lexie Folkerts says:

    On the topic of your health and the environment: you should research a bidet, they’re incredible.

  14. Beauty by Vanessa says:

    Does she know that roach killer is in her drink??

  15. mikayla jade says:

    I just started Keto and watching your videos really inspired me to try it!
    I'm super into health and the foods I consume too.
    My dad had cancer about 4 years ago and seeing him go through that really changed my outlook on food/health. It scared the shit out of me.
    I'm so sorry about your mom, fuck cancer!!!
    I'm excited to see how Keto can affect my life, & watching your videos has helped me get a realistic POV of the lifestyle change so thank you!

  16. Edith E says:

    I'm also terrified of getting cancer (or dying from a disease i end up giving myself due to unhealthy living) so i recently started reading "How not to die", i really like it so far and it's not making me terrified of the choices I make. The book references so many studies, talks about them in a sensible realistic manners and is just so fucking interesting in general. I've eaten so many vegetables since I started reading it.

  17. Colleen McClintock says:

    I got blue light glasses for Xmas RawBeautyCrispyLips and lemme tell you… they’ve changed my life. I teach first year college English classes and the amount of time I spend reading from a computer screen… it’s madness.

  18. Glad Soriano says:

    I loved this more than you know!!! Thank you so much for making this kind of video and the resources!!!! ❤

  19. btpuppy2 says:

    Watch the Netflix movie "Fat, Sick and nearly Dead"

  20. Becca Stover says:

    I've been obsessed with Rhonda Patrick this past year, she's incredible!!!

  21. btpuppy2 says:

    Kristi, we both have the same health issues, only difference is I am older than you are. So I just wanted to caution you that raw Chard and spinach (and beet greens) are extremely high in oxalic acid and if you have metabolic syndrome, the oxalic acid can lead to kidney stones and trust me, you don't want that. Most greens have oxalic acid but these have the most. You might replace these with organic baby greens like a spring mix that doesn't have spinach in it. Lettuces are safe. Here is a list of other low oxalic acid greens: celery, chickweed, watercress, escarole, asparagus, dandelion, and the members or the brassica family or cruciferous such as kale, bokchoy, collards, mustard greens, turnip tops, cabbage and arugula. Also, check out the Medical Medium's celery juice program, it will detox you and you will feel great when you work up to the suggested daily amount. Best juicer for celery (because of strings) and easiest to clean is the Omega NC-800. Does everything well but especially celery. So happy you are positive about trying some new things! I am doing the same

  22. haylie morris says:

    You should start learrning about pre and probiotics and your gut health connection to everything else!

  23. Amanda Carlsen says:

    I want to thank you for being truly ok with who you are. I’m so sick of influencers who preach that they “love themselves” but are constantly augmenting their bodies. I have no respect for people who love to throw around “inner beauty” mantras and then get boob jobs.
    I’m glad that you are who you are and practice what you preach. You are relate-able. I am only following people like you from now on. Someone who has something meaningful to share without hypocrisy.

  24. Patsylovesmakeup Hay says:

    Just want to say I struggle with really severe health anxiety mainly around certain illnesses to the point my mind makes my body have physical symptoms of those illnesses im scared of getting. 8 years ago I gave birth to my son and wanted a water birth i was a very very young mum 14 to be truth full. And my birth was very traumatic to the point were i nearly died the anethesioligist overdosed me with spinal block and epidural it basicly stopped my airways functioning i couldent breath but all i remember was wanting my baby to be ok which he was but ever since then my life's been very difficult i feel like I never get a break. I am always asking what i did to deserve the things that have happened to me. But the post traumatic stress causes me to develop hyprocondria i was at a+e every night with panic attacks thinking i was dying. I ended up getting admitted to a psychiatric hospital which never helped. I am really wanting to start my own channel as i love beauty and fashion i just dont have the means to go out and by loads of makeup and a camera setup it frustrates me so much that I can't follow my dream hopefully one day just want to say I get your health worries. And your voice channel is so calming for me Kristi love you xxx

  25. Angela Cameron says:

    Excited to see new content! The plant theme will be so cool! Heather Moorhouse (Makeup Mouse) does a lot of glam avant-garde looks. She gave herself Brussel sprout freckles during the holidays. lol She has a lot of cool creative content on her channel and IG.

  26. Melody Bunch says:

    Love these kinds of videos and just love you in general! Health is so important so I love hearing you talk about that whether it’s nutrition, mental health, physical health etc.

  27. Michaela Salacinski says:

    Hey Kristi! If you're into keto but enjoying excluding animal-based products and including plant based foods then you might really like Will Cole's ketotarian diet. It blends the best of keto and plant based eating. My partner did a month review of the diet if you wanted to find out more 🙂 Here's the video: 🙂 xxx

  28. Jackie Lowrey says:

    Instead of Trisha on the kitchen floor we get Kristi in the bath room lol

  29. moonbounce17 says:

    Yasssss queen. I also just added rosehip oil and holy shit my skin has improved. It's reduced my redness so much.

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