Cheap, Clean Natural Gas: Earth’s One Good Feature – Horrifying Planet – Ep. 6

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Sky Energy is proud to partner with Horrifying Planet in forging sustainable futures for this generation and many more to come. Fresh, clean natural gas lies just below the Earth’s surface, and with a simple and safe process called fracking, we can extract this valuable commodity for all to share.

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47 Responses

  1. aiden doherty says:

    i worked with this geologist bitch who used to work for a gas company, and she literally said fracking is good for the environment.

  2. Spicy Memer47 says:


  3. George Burns says:

    Drill baby drill!

  4. Tadesan says:

    "Until our energy needs are met"

    I wish I could wave a magic wand and install the people behind things like the onion in places like the US government.

    I wish our president would be like ; "look america, I want you to watch this video my friend sent me on the internet. it will do a more truthful job informing you about the state of the entire planet than I ever could."

    In all seriousness the only sensible reaction is to laugh at ultimate terror, because any other reaction is to admit immediate defeat…

    I joke about global warming not kicking in until I am long dead…

  5. High Overlord Snarffie Beagle says:

    Fracking: the act of violently raping the Earth lol

  6. Silly Goose says:

    dude, this is funny

  7. rlwieneke says:

    we need more cows farting

  8. Emmitt Nervend says:

    I'm glad to see our illustrious President has been paying attention.

  9. JiveDadson says:

    Can fracking be used to harvest bleach?

  10. Seanisawesome000 says:


  11. James Strength says:

    People are stupid fracking is not hurting the earth at all

  12. embe1 says:

    Nothing is more comforting to me than hearing the term "precision explosives".

  13. sylvan47070 says:

    complains about technology and energy, on the internet.  all hail Mother Gaia!  (as long as I can keep my indoor plumbing.)

  14. Maggi Wolfendale says:

    Frighteningly, this makes about as much sense as the industry-supported [bought-off] pro-frackers. Well done for revealing just how ludicrous #fracking policies are Onion.

  15. chairmanofrussia says:

    natural gas is a shitty option. Doesn't anybody ever think about the risks? What with the recent gas explosions in new york city causing buildings to collapse? It's a terrible idea. It's like putting a bomb in your own house. You could power the whole world if you just put solar farms in a tiny part of the sahara desert.

  16. Darc Gibson says:

    "Ye who knows nil of what he proclaims, shall speaketh notwhenceforth"

  17. kara-lyn somers says:

    That so adorable and the cutest thing ever

  18. G Philip C says:

    We can pump poo back into the depleted wells.

  19. Wile E. Coyote says:

    ROFL: I have watched this countless times.  Every few months I come back for another watch; its just brilliant.  "There is such a wealth of gas, in fact, that humans have discovered unexpected windfalls of natural gas in their very own homes; flowing through their own municipal water supplies.  BONANZA!"

  20. Grim MrGosh says:

    Lol this has to be the funniest thing on Horrifying planet yet. XD

  21. Ruan Malan says:

    So that is how they think!

  22. Joey Heppell says:

    yes it more gas but if you can light your drinking water then what the fuck?
    it make good lamp oil if done right

  23. Alexander Nielsen says:

    "sci·en·tist (sn-tst)
    A person having expert knowledge of one or more sciences, especially a natural or physical science."
    So nope. Being paid has nothing to do with science. A lot of scientists are being paid for their work, because it takes a lot of time and effort to actually research.

  24. EagleSlightlyBetter says:


  25. Steve McCann says:

    I love you too.

  26. Mdriver1981 says:

    fuck you

  27. virgilio moncada says:

    Humans are the cause of earth polution and extintion of espicies. why do some species have to die because of us but we don't have to because of them? I support hydrofracking so that one day we all become sterile and humanity dies although probably we are gonna nuke ourself first.

  28. Silverheart4 says:

    Ever-looming Specter of Death!

  29. buckstarchaser says:

    The documentary I listed was for an example of what it looks like to light your tapwater on fire. As far as "scientific papers" go, I'd like to point out that I went to the store today to buy ice cream and ended up with "frozen dairy desert". That's about how much science and "scientific papers" are related to each other. Always remember that anyone who gets paid to do science, by definition, is not a scientist.

  30. rlrnilecroc says:

    SO you rely on a documentary and not actual scientific papers?

  31. DeathBringer9000 says:

    fuck gas, go nuclear

  32. Val VanNowere says:

    I should probably also tell you the Onion is satircal Comedie and you should google what that means because you don't seem to be very good at not taking literaly.

  33. Val VanNowere says:

    *Head butts wall*
    1949 was when hydrological fracking was first successfully used. The ecological consequences derive from the chemicals they are using which are a even more recent applied.

  34. G Nk says:

    *Face palm* It has been used for about 150 years so no…

  35. smurfyday says:

    They did. Sex House.

  36. IsinXx says:

    God didn't put it there fucktard.

  37. Val VanNowere says:

    I wonder if the scientist who developed this technique watched Battlestar Gallactica and if the term fracking is really just an inside joke, because hey know they are fracking the Earth.

  38. buckstarchaser says:

    California has liquid petroleum in natural surface reservoirs (la brea tar pits). Surface oil is common enough in the US that there was at least one TV sitcom based on how any idiot could strike rich by inadvertently discovering easy oil. Natural gas is often, but not always, associated with oil. Surface rock formations have featured in documentaries where fracking explanations are called for (including striking the rocks and lighting the gas that escapes).

  39. lordnate2000 says:

    The good thing is however, that most oil wells, at least in the US, are over 5,000 feet deep and most water wells are less than 100 feet deep. So, in most cases, the water people are getting won't be contaminated.

  40. Honeylynne Garcia says:

    haha sarcasm ☺

  41. Thunderscreamer says:

    Also said to be good stewards of the Earth. Just sayin, if you want to bring religion into this.

  42. dermis719 says:

    "…Until our energy needs are met"

  43. Alan Preston says:

    As long as we keep burning, they will keep fracking and sucking it up for us.

  44. Johnny Cash says:

    i love the narrator.

  45. Ben Miles says:


  46. Witherlych Batraghor says:

    He just mentioned having two SUVs. be more aware of satire.

  47. buckstarchaser says:

    Hydraulic Fracturing, also called hydrofracking or fracking… Outside of humor, it contaminates large reserves of groundwater and renders it deadly to humans. One showy side effect of this is that people can often light their tap water on fire as shown in the documentary called Gasland. The gas companies don't own the water rights though so they make a tidy profit from selling water on the side after poisoning the wells… Hence, it makes good soil for sarcastic humor such as this show.

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