Chickens not laying eggs!! Here’s what you can do about it.

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Why are my chickens not laying eggs? It can be a very frustrating question. In this video Becky shows you how she dealt with some issues in her chicken coop that were hurting egg production. She also shows you some other things you can look out for that might stop your hens from laying.

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21 Responses

  1. Shana Russell says:

    That white hen that came across the roost is just like one I have, what breed is she?

  2. Javed Iqbal says:

    Hens not love me why help me please…

  3. Gertrude Russell says:

    I will sure try ur advice my hen not laying much now

  4. pennyboard pro says:

    this womans a legend becky you earned yourself a new subscriber and that's me

  5. Jenn Mills says:

    My Chickens love rose petals.

  6. Random Person101 says:

    I want to raise a single hen for eggs now lol how many do they lay a day

  7. milad sherwany says:

    Hi very nice

  8. Marion Williams says:

    Lol PM. I gf we it

  9. Gabe Lee says:

    hey lady ,not every one lives in the city so chill

  10. Nancy Cowan says:

    I'm a new subscriber, Becky. I came across your channel when a rooster showed up in my yard and decided he wanted to stay. I grew up with chickens and have always wanted some as an adult but never thought I lived on property that could sustain them. After watching lots of backyard chicken videos, I decided I COULD have chickens on my one acre lot. So I purchased 3 hens for my rooster and am currently building a chicken coop for them and have ordered a large chicken run for them. I'm so excited to be able to have chickens and your videos are very informative and helpful to me as a new chicken owner. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into making your videos to help those like me. I LOVE your channel and your story is so inspiring and admirable.

  11. MrHarley60 says:

    i had 4 laying hens lost them to predators so just have 1 now can't get another 1 now can one hen survive alone through a cold winter

  12. D Clayton says:

    Fried chicken or chicken and dumplings.

  13. Isack Rascon says:

    Oohh she's a hot mama

  14. Daryl Holly says:

    Your a sweet girl and hope you continue happily.
    Check into permaculture if interested. Lots of good stuff.

  15. organic bob says:

    The best breeds for Alberta and other cold climates are the chantacler the Bresse and golden comets. Chantaclers were bred in Alberta back in the early 1900's and are great laying hens.

  16. Stefan Zanardo says:

    hey Becky, how did you go in the end ? did it help mete.

  17. Arianne De Staebler says:

    sweets did you ever think about making there roots bigger lol those are tiny as hell

  18. Lesley Graham says:

    Great advice! Thank you

  19. madness is the gift that has been given to me says:

    My silkie cant balance herself when she walks and she keeps her head sideways,but she eats on her own and shes still active ,my conclusion is she has a head trauma ,any help please? Shes my pet and i care about her a lot

  20. Pramod Yadav says:

    How month babychaken grow and give eggs

  21. Mlledeja rawrr says:

    I love the rat race comment!

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